To Courtney: Love, Your Mom

Courtney arrived in the Clark family during the wonderful month of March.  However, she actually came in a very howling snowstorm in Lakewood, Colorado but no matter--she came as a GIRL!!! With four brothers and one sister, she was the answer to prayers, the joy to her sister and a beautiful blessing to her mother who had suffered a miscarriage a year before.  She came home from the hospital to the chicken pox--did she get them?  She did not.  Did she sleep well?  She did not.  Did she cry alot?  She did.  We loved her anyway and as the years went by we realized we were dealing with a unique little girl.  And now a big girl having babies.  The mystery of Courtney is that she is thoughtful about many things.  She ponders and prays about everything.  The Lord reveals to Courtney whatsoever she should do (Job 1:9) and she does it.  When we were all worried about her having a baby (getting pregnant) she admonished us to be patient and wait upon
the Lord (D&C 98:2) which she was so willing to do.  She was granted her desire in due time and the Chief was chosen and prepared to be her son.  She is an intent mother but only with her heart.  Her life is lovely.  She is slow to anger, slow to impatience, slow to weariness.  Her children will come to a mature mother who will allow them to be unique just like she was and is.
 I'm in awe of you Court!   My love for you as your mother knows no bounds and I am richer and wiser because of your example.  Courtney Jane,  I love you my darling girl!
your mom


  1. Wow, thanks Mom. I learned everything from you. Love you!

  2. Wow!!! That made me cry - what a beautiful letter!!!!

  3. I love this. What a neat tribute from your mom. I love hearing about your spiritual side. :)

  4. Wow, this is such a sweet post!

  5. I am crying. I love cjane and her mother!

  6. Okay I have read all the posts and this one made me tear up. Go Cindy and good luck to Courtney and her baby, girl or boy. We'll be waiting to find out when the newest Kendrick comes to the world. Thanks for sharing your blog and family with us.


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