To Courtney: Love, Your Nieces and Nephews

I love Courtney because...

Emma (13)- She is so fun and loving and I love her style.
Maggie (9)-  She's fun to be around.
Emily (16)- She is a good role model.
Lindsay Kay (15)- She lets my friends and me hang out at her house.
Olivia (14)- She is so much fun and is so funny! I love her.
Layton (18)- She has really good music taste.
Clark (16)- She makes babies that are easy to babysit.
Chicky (10)- She has a fun personality and always has good treats. She pays big bones for babysitting.
LoLo (9)- She is a great singer!
Stella (6)- She is always caring and loving. She makes me laugh. She was nice to make me a perfect blog.
Claire (8)- She's really nice and spicy.
Jane (7)-She has a candy shelf and she gave me pudding.
Lydia (7)- She's really cute and I like her hair.
Miles (11) and Owen (10)- She's awesome and nice and friendly. She's not one of those mean aunts who whip us and are strict.


  1. No one even told me I could be an aunt who whips and is strict. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE AROUND HERE!

    I love these niece and nephews--cousins to my babies. I am so lucky!

  2. Ok, now I'm just wondering who Miles & Owen's "other" aunts are!!


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