Ask and You Shall Receive

So many of you asked for an RSS feed for Family Volley, well, consider it done. Just scroll down on the right hand side of the page and choose your RSS weapon. Thanks for the suggestion.

And...Just because the weekend is here, doesn't mean the giveaways will end. Comments will be open until Wednesday April 7 at midnight. Be sure you get all your entries in and tell your friends. They will be mad if they find out they missed "this".

Winners will be chosen and posted on Family Volley at the end of next week.

And... Next week Family Volley will get back to answering all your questions. There are some great ones. Questions about kids, sleeping habits, toilet training, moving, video games, thumb sucking, getting kids to eat, getting along with your husband, discipline, medical school, coping with deaths, explaining the economy to your children, getting kids on a schedule, getting kids to sleep in their own beds, you name it, we will talk about it. Family Volley will give you advice that makes your life easier and your family stronger.

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