FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! The Candy Bar Game.

A perfect activity for your weekend, or for FHE.


  • Candy Bars (Regular Size, Pick your favorites)
  • A Dull knife and Fork (plastic silverware will work also)
  • A pair of socks, or mittens
  • A hat
  • A scarf
  • A set of Dice
To prepare: Leaving the candy bars in their original wrappers, take them and wrap them like you would a present. Wrap them in a few sheets of newspapers or magazines, even lined pieces of paper or computer paper would work. Wrap those bars up really good. Secure the wrapping with masking tape if you have it. If not, any tape on hand. The more tape and wrapping your use, the more challenging.

How to Play:
Place a wrapped candy bar, socks, silverware, hat, and scarf in the middle of the circle. Have one family member start rolling the dice. Each person takes turns rolling until someone rolls doubles. The person who rolls doubles puts the socks on their hands and puts the hat and scarf on. They grab the silverware and start trying to unwrap the candy bar with the silverware. Meanwhile the dice keeps getting passed, each person trying to roll doubles. As soon as someone else rolls doubles they immediately take everything from the person working on unwrapping, put everything on and start trying to unwrap themselves. The rolling and the stealing continues until someone is able to unwrap the entire candy bar. The person who unwraps it gets to keep it.  

This game has a built in treat. Use the candy bars as dessert. All ages can play. I will give our 18 month old extra die and she helps "roll". When our son was three I would wrap the candy bars more loosely allowing him to have better access. We have also played where the young kids don't have to put the socks on, but my husband and I do. We love playing in winter because our ski gloves are easily accessible.  Be prepared there will be a lot of laughing. Especailly when someone has waited so long to roll doubles and just as they get everything on and start trying to unwrap, everything is stolen from them. 

Any one ever played this game?
Let me know if you give it try. I would love to hear how things go. Take some pictures of your family in action.

Family Volley 


  1. I love this game! Thanks for the reminder- I haven't played it in forever. My kids will definitely enjoy this one.

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