To Courtney: Love, Your Husband

My dear, dear wife:
I love you because you are smart, witty, happy and fun.  You are spiritually sensitive and whole-heart committed to doing what is right.  You give me your time, your pride, your body (hubba BUBBA) and my favorite toy of all – my little boy. 

If we have a girl, hooray!  The Chief will have a little sister to look after, and I’ll have a little girl to dote upon. You’ll have a little you, and only you are so eminently qualified to raise her.  I have complete confidence in that.  And in my own cluelessness.

If we have a boy, hooray!  The Brown Eyed Club will advance its membership, and we’ll have a little experience in stinky feet, VROOM, cruck, and pwane.

Either way, I know more and more every month and each day that we live our family - that you are for me, and I am for you.  And I love you. 

It’s just us.  


  1. How sweet is that?! :)

    My word verification was "tater". :)

  2. Words every woman would want (and should) hear! How awesome for both Chup and Courtney!


  3. wow! now that is dreamy! hopefully there is just one man left (selfishly, for just ME) that knows the words to say to make a girl swoon! these dedications are just beautiful! what a fortunate lady and i thank you for your inspiring words cjane!

    my verification word was "porkins"...are they trying to make me hungry? ha

  4. What can be said but..."PERFECT" and how lucky you two found each other. What a match. Here's to a wonderful journey together.

  5. Oh, that made me cry! How sweet.

  6. Dear Chup, come over here so I can kiss you.

    (Good one, Husband. Thank you.)


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