FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Lifesaver On a Stick.

The Lifesaver on a Stick Game is an "oldie but goodie."

I am always warning that these games will make your families laugh.  This one is no exception. Not to mention, up close and personal. 

What you Need:

How To Play:
Depending on how many people are in your family, You can split into teams, or just get everyone in a line. Give each player a toothpick. Have each person put the toothpick in their mouth. They can hold it in their teeth or with their lips, but they can't use their hands. The object is to pass the Lifesaver from the front of the line to the back of the line and back again, using only the toothpicks.

Put the Lifesaver on the toothpick that is being held in the mouth of the first person. That person has to "pass" the lifesaver to the next person's tooth pick, so the toothpicks will go through the hole of the lifesaver. The lifesaver will be passed from toothpick to toothpick down to the end of the line and then back. If the Lifesavers falls at any time it has to be returned to the front of the line and you have to start over. 

You will be nose to nose with the people you love the most. Just don't laugh because it is really hard to hold a toothpick in your mouth when you are laughing. Believe me I know. 


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