Hang out with your favorite people this weekend. Your family.
You will need:
Light weight bowl to hold M&M's.
Cup or Bowl for each individual
Straws for each individual
Big Bag of Plain M&M's
2 Dice

Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor or around a table. Give each person their own cup/bowl and straw. This will be for their personal M&M's. Empty the big bag of M&M's into the community bowl. Set the bowl in the middle of the group and pick one person to start with the dice. That person will roll the dice once, trying to get doubles, or a two and a four, or any two numbers you want to choose. After one roll, the dice are passed to the next person and so forth until someone rolls doubles.

When doubles are rolled, that person grabs the community bowl of M&M's in the middle of the circle and begins to "suck" the M&M's up with the straw and transfer them from the community bowl to their personal cup. They continue to transfer the M&M's until someone else rolls doubles.

Meanwhile, the dice is still being passed around the circle, as people are still trying to roll doubles. Once someone else rolls doubles the grab the community bowl and start to transfer the M&M's into their own cup.

This continues until the community bowl of M&M's is empty.

The person with the most M&M's wins.

For even more fun and to help bring your family together and foster communication, once the bowl is empty, Have everyone count how many of each color M&M they have in their cup.

For every YELLOW M&M, have family members share something that makes them happy.

RED - share something they are scared of.

GREEN - share their favorite family memory

BROWN - share what they are most thankful for

BLUE - share what the toughest part about being a kid/grown up is?

ORANGE - if you could have any foods you wanted for dinner, what would you eat?

(So, 8 yellow M&M's in your cup means you share 8 things with your family that make you happy.)
You can change the categories to suit your own family and the ages of the individuals playing.

Think your family will gather around for this one?

Play a round for me. This is one of my favorites.

Have a great weekend.
Family Volley


  1. That is a great idea! I'm totally going to do this with my fam. Thanks!

  2. Another great game!
    I have a family binder where I put birthday party ideas, or Halloween costumes ideas, and because of your blog I now have a games section, for when my kids are a little older... but I think I am going to start a new subsection for dinner party games. Great game!

  3. love it. Have to try this one out!


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