Give your Mom a Shout Out

What is your favorite memory of your Mom?

Your favorite Mother's Day memory?

Your favorite thing about being a Mom?

Leave a comment with your thoughts about any or all of the above.
Let's Celebrate women and mothers everywhere.

My mom, She taught me how to be a mother. With her "there is beauty all around."


  1. My mom shows unconditional love. And I'm so grateful for that. I'll never in my life forget the time when I had just moved to Oklahoma City. My mom had come to help me get all moved up there and we were sitting in the car outside of a K Mart. I had not been following the path that my Heavenly Father would want and she knew this. And she told me that not matter whether I believed the Church (LDS) was true or not that I should at least go to some kind of church. Even though I knew that was probably the hardest thing she has ever had to say she still said it. She loved me even when it was hard to do and hard to watch me go through trials. I love her for that!

  2. Leiann,
    Thank you for this great story. I have to agree with you. A mothers love is unconditional. For that we can all be grateful. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


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