A Little Embarrassed to Admit, But I Am Nervous. CBC.

I hear such good things about blogging conferences. They are usually held in places that would require traveling and airline tickets and hotels and rental cars. Hence the reason I have never gone. Until now. 
The Casual Blogging Conference will be held right here in Utah, just 35 miles down the road from where I live. A few months ago I signed up to attend and now it is really here. This weekend. In two days. AHHH!

I am embarrassed to say this, but I am a little nervous. I know I am a grown woman. I speak in front of big crowds, I counsel couples and families with major problems, I teach college students who ask questions that keep me on my toes and put me on the spot, I deal with a husband and 3 young children every day, I am not afraid to meet new people or try new things. But, for some reason, this feels a little out of my comfort zone. I think I would feel better if I wasn't going alone. 
I feel like I am back in high school. Wanting to convince a friend to go with me so I can talk to a boy.
I will have my business cards ready to network, but inside I just want to sit in my seat, take it all in, and then rush home to my family. 
Not ever attending I guess I just don't know exactly what to expect. In my head I see this big business card swap, like in high school when it was the last day of school and everyone passed around their yearbooks for people to sign. 
I know I won't be the only one there by myself for the first time but I have seriously considered having my husband sneak in so that he is with me. That wouldn't be obvious at all. He would probably be the only man in the joint. 
This said, I am hoping some of you have attended conferences before. Have you? Did you feel this way? How did it go? Any advice? I would love some?

Even if you haven't attended a conference, any advice? What would you do if you were going to a blogging conference?


Family Volley

P.S. If I live to tell about it, I will let you know how things go. Wish me luck. 


  1. It will be my first conference too!!!:) I can't wait. I am nervous. My craft blog is still small, but I want it to get bigger so that I can use it when I finally get to stay at home. I guess I am still trying to find what niche I belong in. I love to bake above everything else, but I also love writing on my family blog How did you decide? It was probably easier for you to choose which direction to go because of you education and career; not to mention the fact that you are married with three kids:) Are you going to the Ladies' Craft Night tomorrow? I was so excited that I actually got to go shopping for shirts yesterday, by myself, without the awesome. I am nervous that I will wear the wrong thing. It says casual, but are we still supposed to wear dresses? Soory this is so jumbled, I am excited like it is Christmas!

  2. I actually won a full weekend pass on a blog giveaway. I don't really have a business or anything, I'm just blogging to blog. Sure it would be nice to make a little money doing it, but I only have about 150 unique hits a day, so that's not really enough for sponsorship. I don't know if I'm actually going to go. If I did I would totally love to meet you!

  3. This is my first conference too! I could say ditto to both you and Amanda (who commented). On my blog today i wrote about feeling like a teenager also. Funny! You aren't alone in your feelings. I have no advice, but could use some. I hope wear the right thing. :)

  4. P.S. You are amazing! How are you POSSIBLY nervous?!

  5. I've never been to a conference (but I won a ticket), I have a family blog but that's it, and I am going alone! I am petrified! Totally get how you are feeling :)

  6. My daughter Kaitlin Farmer had you this past year at BYU and loves you. She sends me posts for me to apply in our family :) (we have 10 kids)I am going WITH the CBC my husband :) they assured me he won't be the only male. I figure we can learn a lot more with 2 of us there. I have had a blog for 3 years (Farmer's Dozen) and haven't written a single post on it yet :) I am excited to learn and Kaitlin wants me to meet I will see if I can spot you and say hi :) and have you sign my yearbook...

  7. k so that comment didn't make sense...I am going WITH my husband TO the CBC... :)( I was IM'ing Kaitlin while typing the comment, she is in Germany)

  8. looks like you'll have some good company. if all else fails, i personally know one of the CBC founders and can ask her to buddy up with you! i can't go because it would require traveling and airline tickets and hotels and rental cars. . .

  9. Wish I was going.
    Please give a report. If you survive.


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