My Personal Challenge: An Update

A few months ago, I felt the need to recommit to some aspects of my life. January tends to make me feel that way. I decided I wanted to do a better job with my morning prayers. Are these hard for anyone else? Instead of saying them as I was making breakfast, dressing children and running out of the door, I wanted to recommit to my knees in the quiet hours of the morning before the day began.

In my prayers I have been asking Heavenly Father who is in need of my service that day. At first I was very nervous to pray for this. It was hard to say the words out loud. I already feel like life is full to say the least. I had these visions of my life being consumed with requests that I didn't have time for.

Five months later and my testimony has been strengthened as the Lord has provided opportunities for me to serve others. Helping a friend by picking up their child from school, lending some flour for cookies, dropping off dinner to a struggling family, spending extra time with one of our children when they need extra attention. None of these acts of service are necessarily monumental, but as I continue to ask the Lord, he continues to fill my mind with small thoughts and promptings. They have not been overwhelming my life, or put me behind, or hindered me from taking care of my own family, like I assumed they would. Instead they have helped me become more patient, compassionate, rejuvenated, and increased my faith. All things that I need as I try to be the best mother and wife I can.

It has been a life changing, testimony building experience. I can't wait to say my morning prayers tomorrow.

How has serving others made you a better mother and wife?
Are morning prayers hard for you?

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  1. I definitely find morning prayers hard. I think I'm going to follow your suit though. Thanks!

  2. Mariah, I am glad I am not the only one. I have actually had to get up a little earlier while everyone else is still asleep. Otherwise, there are too many needs to fill and I either forget, or find myself saying them while I am running out the door again.

  3. Beautiful...as I sit here and blog instead of pray ;) I hear ya! I will try harder too!! I always makes a difference, mostly in the level of fighting in our home with the kids..Somehow it just helps!

  4. I have been pondering this same thought the last few months and yesterday was my breaking point! One of those days where EVERYTHING goes wrong, then I thought to myself last night as I was reading the book "Women first Family always" by a mother of 10 and wonderful wife, was it really a bad day or was it chaotic because I hadn't said my prayers and tried my hardest to keep my Heavenly Father's spirit close by!!! I woke this morning and put on Debbie West Coon CD, instead of cartoons and we listened to this as the kiddos got ready for school and with a pray in my heart all morning, I swear this is what I needed, the kids got dressed and ate their breakfast, with a blessing first, (doesn't always happen in the mornings) and they were ready for carpool with a smile on all of our faces, WOW, I feel refreshed and have more of a hop and skip in my step and a peaceful feeling in my soul!!! It's the little things that make all the difference!!! Thank you for this post! You are wonderful and I hope you all have a good day!!!

  5. I also have a hard time with my morning prayers. May is a month that I think about changes and improving myself because it is my birth month. I have spent time this month thinking about and making some changes in my life. I like your experience with prayer. It makes me think about the talks on prayer Elder Bednar gave not too long ago. I want to re-read them and put the ideas he gives to work in my life. (morning and night prayers being a continuation of each other)

  6. I am trying hard to do my morning prayers... only they seem to happen while I am **STILL** up between 1am-3am. Does that still count as AM prayers? I haven't been able to sleep due to the stress our family have been going through - so this is the quietest time for me and I feel like I can reflect and really **hear** answers. I still don't feel like I do it like I should...but I am trying to be better. I think I will follow your example. xo Thank you! xo

  7. i thought about this this morning as i read cjane's blog and the 17 year old who rolled from bed onto her knees. can't remember when the last time i did that was. my "prayer" places are in the shower or in my car on the way to work. not exactly spiritual. . . i also read the BoM while pumping. . .

    i think you do what you can when you can and you do better when you can. i think it's so cool that you're having such good experiences!


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