Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of the greatest blessings of being a mother is the opportunity to see the world through a child's eyes. Children are innocent and understanding. They are filled with humor and compassion and sensitivity. They bring a joy to the everyday that is indescribable. 

It started this morning. Our son had an orthodontic appointment during school. My husband took him to his appointment, they grabbed lunch, and headed back to school. As he walked him back to his classroom after checking in, there was a boy sitting outside the principles office. As they walked past, the boy said "Hi", to our son. They knew each other. 

Our son responded with a hello, and then said "Don't tell me you got caught running in the halls again?"

Boy: "No, I have pink eye."

As they kept walking my husband looked at our son and said "Did he just say he had pink eye?"

Our son responded, "Yeah, but you can't believe everything he says. Last week he told me he had Swine Flu."

Then this afternoon I had all three kids at the bookstore. We ran across some pins from different LDS Missions around the world. We looked through to find Germany "where daddy went", and then kept looking as our kids picked where they want to go when they get big. Our son picked Germany, for obvious reasons. Our daughter, likes Germany too, but ended up picking based on how the pins looked of course. She liked how Kentucky looked. 
"If I decide to go on a mission, I want to go to Kentucky", she said.

"That would be a great place to go", I said as we headed to the cash register.

As we stood there our daughter said,"Mommy, If I go to Kentucky, does that mean that I will learn to speak Kentuckian."

I laughed out loud as I gave her a big hug and a geography/language lesson.

We laughed a lot today. I hope you did to.

Have your kids made you laugh lately?
What has come out of the mouths of your babes?


  1. My little daughter, who is two, has a giant vocabulary. So when she has trouble with words it is kind of funny. She calls a frizbee a "rizzbang" football is "setball" and my friend whose name is Nikki Thompson is "Micki Tarzan". I laugh every day because of her.

  2. Too funny!

    After just living in Kentucky for almost 4 years, I can tell you that you do indeed speak a different language sometimes! ;) Tell your daughter to start memorizing the Bible!

  3. Kids are hilarious.
    We were going swimming one day and my girls said "you legs are so fat. But only at the top. Not at the bottom". haha. Made me laugh. It's true, but no one says it like kids.

  4. One morning a few months ago while helping my two year old daughter get dressed she exclaimed, "Oh! You're a good helper, Mommy!" It made my day... Never a shortage of laughs with children around! I love it.

  5. The things that come out of my 4 year old sons mouth constantly have me laughing. However, sometimes his brutal honesty gets me :)...I guess I had mumbled something about feeling fat, being fat, SOMETHING about fat under my breath and he heard me and he said, "Mommy, you aren't fat, you're just a little big" :)

  6. Ladies, these are HILARIOUS. Kids are honest. That's for sure. Thanks for the laughs. I think we should do "Mouths of Babes" every so often.

  7. My 4 year old son has a thing about putting ponytail holders on his wrist and pretending they're lasers. The other day he had one on and said that when daddy got home he was going to blast him and turn him to dust. When I said something about that he changed his mind and said, 'We'll blast him and turn him into mustard.' I couldn't help cracking up. I don't know where he came up with mustard thing.


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