Kleenex aren't just for runny noses anymore.

For this game all you need is a Kleenex for each person.

To play
1. Give everyone their own Kleenex to put on the top of their head. To make it fair, adults and taller people get down on their knees so that everyone's heads are as level as possible, especially if there are very small children.
2. Once everyone has their Kleenex in position, spread out around the room. Hands behind your backs.
3. Say "Go" and everyone starts moving around either by walking or on their knees.
4. Once you start moving, the goal is to get the other players' Kleenex to fall off their heads. You can do this by blowing hard or chasing them so they move fast enough that the movement blows it off. Making them laugh or look up is always my strategy. Remember, you can't use your hands, or any other props to knock others Kleenex off, or keep yours on.
5. Once someone's Kleenex falls off their head they are "out" and the remaining players keep going until the last player has their tissue on their head.

We play this game inside in the Winter, and outside on the grass in the Summer. It is great for little kids. When our youngest was still crawling our older kids would put a Kleenex on her head while she crawled around and pretended to play.

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