Father's Day Ideas

Hard to believe Father's Day is this Sunday. We are hosting this year, which is always fun. My parents will be here, and my youngest brother and his little family. My brother is celebrating his first Father's Day.
Don't forget my husband, the best dad around.
While I was "floating" in my tent last week I was thinking about Father's Day and deciding what I would make for dinner. In case you are having trouble deciding, or just want some new ideas, I thought I would share.
We will be having these Saucy Meatballs. They are fantastic and so easy. Your man will go crazy for them.You make them in the crock pot and it doesn't matter how long they sit, they just get better and better. I am warning you now, they are addicting. Great served over rice, or by themselves. If you forgo the rice, baked potatoes with all the fixings make a great side.

To make them all you need is...

1 large package frozen meatballs (I get mine at Costco, Kirtland brand Italian Meatballs, green package)

16 oz. can jellied cranberries
1 jar chili sauce (find this next to the ketchup)
1/4 cup ketchup
1/2 cup brown sugar.

Place meatballs in the crock pot and top with sauce. Cook on low for several hours.

For dessert, I can't resist, I am going with these little babies. I found them over at Family Fun. Wait until you see them.

Ta Da!
I am so excited we might have to have dessert first. 
I am going to frost them, and serve them with ice cream. Need a good recipe for chocolate cupcakes. You can't go wrong with this one. 

I thought about these instead, but my husband doesn't really like to mow the lawn. 


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  1. Those are so cute! I think the coals are orange sugar - you can by it at most grocery stores, craft stores, or you can make your own (but its super messy!) The lawn mower is equally cute! Normally we don't do much for father's or mother's day at my parent's house, just something quiet like a nice dinner out and hanging out together. My dad's all time favorite cake is Ina Garten's Pumpkin Roulade - I usually make one for his birthday and Christmas, but last year I ruined the one I made him for Christmas, so I'll be making him one of these for his father's day treat - http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/pumpkin-roulade-with-ginger-buttercream-recipe/index.html

  2. I still can't figure out what to get my husband. The only thing he has hinted at, or requested, is homemade Almond Joy cookie dough. He loves raw cookie dough, and those new Almond Joy Pieces are perfect for the recipe. As far as other gifts go... I have no idea.

    When I saw the "hot dog" cupcakes, I got so excited, now I just need to make them:)

  3. Caroline, oh, you are right. It is not yellow, it is orange. Glad you said that, I am hoping to get to the store today. I would have bought the wrong color. I am going to have to try the Cake recipe. We are big Ina fans at our house also, but I have never tried this one. Thanks for the suggestion. I love food suggestions. Maybe we should do a recipe exchange, or feature new recipes every now and again.

  4. Amanda, gifts are a different story. My husband keeps saying that all he wants is a new white shirt. How boring. I keep a list in my drawer, and anytime he says he likes something or would like to have something throughout the year, I put it on the list. Then when it is Father's Day or his birthday or Christmas, I can go to the list and pick something he has previously mentioned. He isn't much help when the holiday is close.
    Almond Joy cookie dough? That sounds fantastic. I want one for breakfast. Easy recipe? We might have to have you share.


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