You Will Need:
---Balloons (not the ones used for water balloons, they are too small.)


#1 Blow up a balloon for each person playing. About the size of a large cantaloupe.

#2 Cut pieces of string about 12-18 inches long.

#3 Tie a string to the end of each blown up balloon.

#4 Tie the balloon on the string to your ankle.

How To Play:
Designate boundaries.

The object is to "stomp" on everyone else's balloons while protecting yours. You can only use your feet to pop each others balloons. You will laugh as you watch your family hop skip and jump to protect their balloons.

If your balloon pops you are out.
The last person with their balloon still tied to their ankle and NOT popped, WINS.

A Few Extras:
If you are playing with a lot of people, designate boundaries and then as people get "out" shrink the boundaries.
you can also play where the people who get "out" sit around the edges of the boundary and are allowed to try and pop the balloons of the players that are still in .

Hint: The larger the balloon, the easier it is to pop. Tying the balloon right up next to your ankle is cheating. It has got to hang off a bit.

Your family will love this game. Young and old.


Have a Good One.
Family Volley

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  1. Fun!

    This weekend, I'm going to hang out with my boyfriend: Saturday, we'll go to the movies, and Sunday we'll sit around and watch WAY too much Doctor Who.


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