FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Balloon Shave Pop

You know when you are young and you have those silly thoughts about what would be cool when you are married? Well, I always thought it would be fun to shave my future husband's face. You know, very romantic movie-esque. Well I am now married to that "future husband" and he has never thought my fantasy was such a good idea. This game is as close as I am ever going to get. 

You will need
Shaving Cream
Plastic Knives

Blow up the balloons and cover each one with shaving cream. Give each player a coated balloon and a plastic knife. 

The Object
Shave your balloon without popping it. The player to give a clean shave first, wins. 

Side Notes
This game is great for all ages. For smaller children, don't blow up the balloons very big. It will make it harder to pop if it is small. For adults and slightly older children, blow those balloons up big and round. The bigger the easier it is to pop, and the more fun the challenge. Also, small children can use the flat and dull side of the knife to shave, but bigger kids, 3 or so and up, as well as adults can be instructed to use the cerated side of the knife. 

Lastly, you will want to play this one on floors that can be cleaned up easily, not carpet. Outside is good also. It doesn't make a huge mess, just a fun mess. 


Happy Weekend!

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