One of the best parts of this game is that it can be modified to fit any age.

For this game you will need...


Each player will need Raisins and an empty Bottle. Set the bottles up at one end of the room. At the other end of the room, place bowls of raisins for each player. I like to buy the small boxes of raisins and give one to each player. 

On your marks, get set, go. Each player takes one raisin, runs to their bottle and from a standing position, hand chest high, has to DROP THE RAISIN INTO THE BOTTLE. If they miss, pick the raisin up and try again. Keep dropping until you get the raisin in. As soon as the raisin is in the bottle, run back to the starting line, pick up another raisin and run back to do it again. The first person to get all of their raisins into their bottle wins. If the bottle tips over and any raisins fall out, those have to be dropped in again. 
HINT: It is a little easier if you close one eye.

Instead of giving small children a bottle, give them a big bowl to drop their raisins in to. Our 2 year old runs right along with the rest of us, drops her raisin in her bowl and runs back to pick the next one up. You can make these modifications for all ages. 
Bowl = Toddlers
Wide Mouth Mason Jar = Children
Bottle = Teenagers/Adults

*You can also make modifications by letting toddlers and children drop raisins, and making teenagers and adults drop toothpicks into the containers. Make changes according to your children's abilities.

*If you don't want to give each person their own "pile" of raisins, just set up one bowl of raisins across the room from the bottles. Now make it a timed race. Fill one bowl with raisins and have everyone take from the same bowl. Set the timer for 5 minutes and whomever has the most raisins in their bottle at the end of 5 minutes, wins. 

*When we don't have raisins, we have also used Mini Marshmallows and dropped them in mason jars and bowls.

Have a great weekend!

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