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Now that school is back in session, families are extra busy. It is more important than ever to set aside time to spend together. The activities in FAMILY FUN FRIDAY's are a great place to start.

For this game you will need:

Bean bags
4-5 for each player

*If you don't have bean bags, take a ziplock bag (freezer bags work well), fill it with beans or rice and you will be set. To color code the bags, just put squares of colored paper in each bag.

(masking tape, or electrical tape work great)

**If you don't have masking or electrical tape, string would work also. 

The play area is very easy to set up.

Find an open spot on your floor. Carpet, hard wood, tile, doesn't matter. Take the tape and make a tic tac toe board. Be generous with the size of your squares.

Tape down a throwing line about 5 feet away from your playing board for younger players and 6 feet away for older players. Use your best judgment. If the line is too far away, move it up.  

Give each player their bean bags and stand behind the line. Players take turns throwing their bean bags onto the tic tac toe board. 

The object is to get three in a row.

The first player to get three in a row WINS!

***ALTERNATE PLAY: Give each player 4 bags to try to complete three in a row. Then it is the next players turn. 

I can still beat my husband at Tic Tac Toe. I prefer Connect Four though. How about you?


  1. my little munchkin will have fun with this.. gonna do that this weekend :)

  2. Cute idea and it's great that you give substitutions. :)

  3. This looks like a really fun game for my young grandkids.

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