FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Marshmallow Shooters

Brace yourself because your kids are going to go crazy over today's game. And, don't be surprised if you like playing as much, if not more than they do. It really is a lot of fun.


Not blown up. One for everyone.

One for everyone. I prefer to use cups that are a little smaller. 

A bunch.


Knot the end of your balloons

Snip the top off of the balloon. Not too much.

 Cut the bottom out of your paper cup.

Stretch a balloon over the cutoff end of your cup so that the knot is in the center. 

 Once you have made a shooter for everyone, let the games begin.

Sorry I don't have a better picture of the shooter in action. I couldn't hold the camera and shoot at the same time. 

Set up a bowl, or target at one end of the room.

Drop one of the marshmallows down into the cup.

Pull back on the knotted end of the balloon, AIM and FIRE.

You will hear a fantastic POP sound and your marshmallow will FLY through the air. 

Depending on how snug your balloon is, you might want to lightly hold the balloon in place when you "shoot." For little hands, secure it with a rubber band if needed. 
The person to get the most marshmallows in the bowl,
hit the target,
get a certain number in the bowl the fastest,

MODIFICATION: After the kids go to bed. You and your husband may or may not want to try shooting Craisins. You will want to be careful because they are like mini bullets. And they shoot fast and far. I suggest playing this grown up game outside. 
Just Saying.

Have a Great Weekend!
If you need something else to do, LISTEN TO THIS. It is what our family will be doing Saturday and Sunday. 



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  2. What a fun idea!

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  4. This is such a fun idea! Silly, but my Hubby will LOVE this! In fact I may just make them for my all my siblings & parents when we get together for Sunday dinner and have a full on marshmallow war!

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