FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Telephone Charades

To pass a message from one person to the next without using any verbal communication.

Materials Needed:
A list of words, phrases, movie lines. What ever you think will be appropriate depending on the age of the players.
In our house we like simple words for our 2 year old. Especially animals. She imitates a mean "cat." Our older children like phrases.

How to Set up the Game:
  1. Create a list of ideas that can be acted out like in a regular game of charades. Write all the ideas on slips of paper and put them in a bowl or a hat. If you are playing with young children who can't read, draw pictures of the words, or take the pictures out of magazines or off the internet. Then they can look at the pictures instead of needing to read or be told what the paper says. 
  2. Create a line. Have family members face the same direction so that every member is facing the back of the person in front of them.
How to Play:
The game starts when the person at the end of the line draws the clue that they will be acting out. They then tap the family member directly in front of them and act out the clue without talking. NO WORDS OR SOUNDS. Once they finish acting out the clue, the family member who was just watching the clue being acted out, turns around and taps the next family member in line. They then act out what they saw as best they can. This continues down the line until the clue is acted out to the last person in line who is allowed to speak and guess what the clue was to begin with. 

There really aren't winners or losers in this game. Just a lot of fun. If you have a bigger family, or are playing in a group, form two lines. Give both lines the same clue and which ever line guesses the word correctly first, WINS. Keep score. When it is all said and done the team with the most points wins. 

DON'T FORGET, NO TALKING! Just like in real charades.



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