Inspiration to Start the Week and the Giveaway Winner

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours went by so fast, Yikes. Sometimes I feel like the weekends are crazier than the weekdays. Anyone else?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how what we used to do, affects what we do now. It is a concept that married couples and families don't always consider. A lot, if not most of what we do and believe comes from the family we grew up in and the experiences we have had. Yep, our past does affect our future. Not meant to be heavy, but on a light note, I like the idea of flashbacks and fast forwards.

Flashback: When I was in high school I collected quotes. I would tear them out of magazines, write them down when I heard them in movies, or saw them on billboards. Some of my favorites came from Nike and Penn (I played a. lot. of tennis in high school.) I appreciated both companies take on a women's strength and abilities. I still have a poster from Nike framed and hanging by my room that says "Go outside and Play." It has a picture of a woman running outside through a trail in the mountains. I pass it everyday and relive the freedom and strength running used to give me. (I long for the days when I will run again. One day.)

Fast forward:Although I don't collect like I used, I am still a sucker for a good quote. Today I have one to share with you that I have been reading over and over. I love it's aesthetic appearance as much as the words. It makes me happy. It makes me want to run, or hit a tennis ball with a lot of top spin.

A positive thought to start the week.

Now...without further delay. Thank you to all of you who entered the CSN GIVEAWAY. I am working my way around to "visit" all of you. 

I always feel so bad that everyone can't win. We will just have to do more giveaways.

The Winner Is...
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  1. I like the quote. Very cool.
    I used to play the piano, and really miss it. Now when I try I have 3 kids come and start pounding away. So.. not much playing going on. Hopefully soon.

  2. LOVE that quote! It's very inspiring.


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