And the Winner Is....Gift Giveaway Hop

What a great week and weekend. It is so fun to make new friends. Thank you to all of you who entered the Gift Giveaway Hop. 

I say this every time there is a giveaway on Family Volley. I wish that Everyone.Could.Win. That would really make my Christmas. Alas, that is not the case. 

The Winner of the Gift Hop is

She said "I am a follower"

After catching up on Melanie's blog, I learned that she is in the process of building a new house and has been without an oven or stove. Goodness, what a woman. If you have any good crock pot recipes leave them in the comments on this post, she is taking suggestions. 

Melanie, Contact me before Wednesday night so we can get you your gift card to Target and Jasmere.

Now that the Hop is over, it is back to our regular scheduled program. December will be filled with lots of great ideas about things to do with your family, how to ease the rush of the holidays, as well as more great advice and tips on parenting and relationships. Can't wait to hear all about what you are doing to celebrate in your house. 

I hope all of you had a great weekend. 


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