And So It Began...Our New Year

I really look forward to New Years. Our families New Year Tradition is one of my favorites. It is also one of the few times of the year I am really relaxed, less stressed and unplugged. This year was no different. 

If you are looking for a wonderful place to spend time with your family, let me suggest. 

La Jolla, California

I grew up just a few miles from this magical place. Going back I am always flooded with memories. 

It is very family friendly. Kids are encouraged to be kids. Adults are encouraged to be kids.
Warning: There are lots of pictures in this post.

Let's talk amenities. 

Private Beach
Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts
On-site 3 par Golf Course
Great Gift Shop
Ping pong
Game Room
Work Our Room
Laundry Room (if you want to wash)
Spa services on Site
1-2-3 Bedroom Suites
Rooms with Kitchens

My Only Suggestion... If you are interested in staying at The La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, you need to book about a year in advance, depending on what month of the year you are interested it.
Other suggestions, with no pictures...Don't forget to walk along Prospect, Eat Mexican at Alfonso's, and eat breakfast at Harry's

All of this said, I can't emphasis enough how accommodating the Club is. If ever their was a place for families, this is it.

Sounds good right, but lets get to some details.

The Club is a 15 minute drive from the San Diego Airport.

Your room is on the beach. Literally a few steps. You don't have to load up the car and drive to the beach. 

Situated on La Jolla shores (known as one of the shallowest and family friendly beaches in California), the club has its own beach. Each morning they clear it of seaweed and groom the sand. It is not crowded and as parents you don't have to be as nervous about keeping an eye on your kids like you would at a public beach. (I am not suggesting you don't watch them. :))

 They set up your beach chairs. Whatever you need, chairs, lounges, umbrellas, blankets, tables. Just let the "beach boys" know and they will set it all up. It makes things so much easier when the kids are already running into the water and you are trying to set up a spot.

They provide the towels. You don't have to pack them. Instead, You can sit on the beach all day and use as many towels as your family needs. Get them as sandy as you want. Leave them on your lounge chairs and they take care of the rest. Heck, take them to your room and they will take care of them also. As you will see in the pictures, the clubs towels are all white with blue strips.

You are perfectly situated to walk the beach. Miles of it. Consider it the best, most beautiful and relaxing, free entertainment your family could have. Run through the water, head to the pier, and don't forget the tide pools just steps away.

The swimming pool is heated. Need I say more. Again, towels provided. 

On New Years Eve we have the club set up a bonfire for us. We also have them set up a grill and a table and chairs. They supply plenty of wood and coals. We buy all the fixing for a BBQ at the local grocery store, complete with s'mores and head down to the beach. We spend the evening grilling and sitting around the fire. We finish with s'mores and more s'mores. If you don't want to go get your own food? No problem, the club will provide all your food. Don't want to cook, no biggie, they will even BBQ for you.

You are very close to everything. Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, Disneyland (and hour and 20 minutes), Legoland, Aquariums, Museums, The San Diego LDS Temple, shops, parks, malls, grocery stores and fantastic restaurants. This year we went to Legoland. The kids had a great time. So did the adults. 

 Replicas of famous cities in the U.S. Everything is mini. If you look close at the picture below you will see a black bird walking on the road. It gives you an idea of the size. Pretty amazing.

I wondered if there would be anything for adults to do at Legoland. There was. 

The San Diego LDS Temple

Tennis is a big deal here. There are courts for everyone. We bring our own racquets but you can rent them from the club if you want. All the courts are lit so you can play at night. 
Golf Course on the property. Kids are encouraged to play. We don't usually bring clubs, we use theirs.

Play ground right next to the tennis courts. My husband and I can play tennis while the kids play at the playground, play croquet, and ping pong. 

Every year my parents rent a big van that fits all of us (at least for now). It is really fun because we can all ride together. 
 The famous Tennis Club Palm Trees. 
Until Next Time...
Our youngest saying goodbye. 

What do you think? Conducive for your family?
Any questions, I would love to answer them?

 I didn't receive any compensation for writing this post. The La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club doesn't even know I wrote it. Our family loves this place and I wanted to share it with you. 


  1. Wow, what a great place!!!! They are willing to do so much of the "work" for you. You can't beat that! How awesome!!! Great pics! :)

  2. Looks so fun!! We have a large extended family too, and are always on the lookout for a family friendly venue. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. LOVE La Jolla! We honeymooned there! When we get to take the kids back, we will have to check this place out! Thanks for the info! :)

  4. Natalie, What a wonderful place to honeymoon. Where did you stay? When you decide to take your kids, this is hands down the best place if you want to stay in La Jolla. You will love it.

  5. I am so jealous! Looks fantastic. I'm adding it to the places I want to go one day.

  6. Most excellent and unwinding, free amusement your family could have. Go through the water, head to the wharf, and bear in mind the tide pools just steps away. Imitations of acclaimed urban communities in the U.S. Everything is small. car rentals kochi are truly ok for the trippers to book your long driving crosswise over India. In the event that you take a gander at the photo beneath you will see a dark winged animal strolling out and about. It gives you a thought of the size. Pretty amazing.Each morning they clear it of ocean growth and husband to be the sand. It is not swarmed and as folks you don't need to be as anxious about watching out for your children like you would at an open shoreline.


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