This has been a favorite since our son brought it home from school a few years ago. It is not only fun, but a great way to help your children visually learn about density.

You Will Need
2 Red Skittles
4 Orange Skittles
6 Yellow Skittles
8 Green Skittles
12 Purple Skittles

Separate Bowls (5)

Glass Jar or Bowl (something see thru)

Turkey Baster 
(A Syringe, or Medicine Dropper that comes with kids medicine will work also)



Place each of the different colored Skittles in the bowls.
We seem to always have Skittles in our pantry. Not for the kids, but for me. :)

ADD 1 Tbs. plus a little bit (is that a measurement?) of water to the bowls. 
More than 1 Tbs. but less that 1 1/2 Tbs.

Place each bowl in the microwave for about 40 seconds. Stir until the Skittles dissolve. If you don't want to use the microwave, put the water in with the Skittles and let them sit for an hour of so. Be sure they are completely dissolved. The color will quickly come off the Skittles. That doesn't mean they are dissolved. It is the sugar from the Skittles you need, so let the candies dissolve all the way. 

Once everything is dissolved it is time to make a rainbow. 

Pour the Purple water into your glass bowl or jar.

Take your Turkey Baster or Syringe and fill it up with the green water. Then take your spoon and holding it upside down, put it at the top of the Purple water. SLOWLY pour the Green water on top of the spoon. It will run off the spoon onto the purple. (See the pictures below).

Repeat with the Yellow water, Orange water and Red in that order.

I can't emphasis how important it is to go SLOW. If you rush the colors will run together and the rainbow wont be clear. Your activity will be a flop. That's not fun. 

The rainbow should last a few hours, maybe longer, but enjoy it while you can because eventually the water and sugar will all dissolve together. 

If you wanted to buy another flavor of Skittles, you could also get some Blue Skittles and make a complete rainbow. Use 10 Blue Skittles. 

How it Works
Lighter layers, the ones with fewer Skittles, will float on top of the heavier ones. 
The water with less candy will be less dense than the water with more candy. 

Happy Weekend!
What is your family doing this weekend?
Do you keep Skittles in your pantry?


  1. Love your ideas! Can't wait to try this one, and it happens that we have a huge bag of skittles in our pantry right now...that is if I dont eat them all before we do the experiment. My kids are really into rainbows right now, so this is good timing.
    Thank you!

  2. wow! talk about tasting the rainbow!

    but it's not like I need another excuse to buy skittles...

  3. Rach, I love that I am not the only one with a huge bag of skittles in my pantry. Eat a few red ones for me. I ate my fair share yesterday while we "experimented" What a fun thing for your kids to be into, rainbows. I hope they enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Amanda,
    You get me every time. You would think by now I wouldn't "look" but you made me look again. Haha!
    No need for excuses to buy skittles at our house either. They are like bread and milk, a staple. Happy Friday.

  5. Very artistic and unique. Great idea! Love it! ~~Oak Dining Set

  6. WOW! What a great idea!!!! I am so going to try this!!! Visiting from SITS =)

  7. Super fun, love the idea! Stopped by from SITS.

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  8. Lol, I never keep Skittles in my pantry...they never make it there from shopping bag.
    This is an awesome project. My science boys would love it.

    Visiting from SITs.


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