Not just a little bit, A LOT bit. In fact, I choose Jelly Beans 
over chocolate. That is how much I love them. 

In college I joined the official Jelly Belly Club. I was the first (along with every other member of the club) to test out new flavors, and 4 times a year they sent me samples and newsletters. 

Our kids think it's really cool that I can tell them what every Jelly Belly Flavor is. Goofy, I know. My favorite flavor is Bubble Gum. They are the pink ones. Cotton Candy and Tutti Frutti are close seconds. Can't stand buttered popcorn.

You can imagine my excitement at Easter. A holiday full of Jelly Beans. Yum.

Here are TWO really easy and fun games with Jelly Beans that will fit right into your Easter Celebration.  

When we decorate for Easter dinner, we always spread jelly beans out down the middle of the table as part of the decorations. I guess you could say its tradition. For this game, you could just put the jelly beans into a bowl. Doesn't matter either way.

1. Prep your beans (any jelly beans will work, they don't have to be Jelly Belly jelly brand). Either in a bowl, or spread out on your table.
2. Assign a question OR direction for every COLOR. Write down the question/direction that goes with each question on a piece of paper.
3. Go around the table and have everyone CLOSE THEIR EYES and take turns choosing a Jelly Bean. 
4. Follow the directions for the jelly bean COLOR you choose. 
5. Once you fulfill the COLOR requirement, eat your jelly bean.

Here are some examples.
Purple-Hop around the room like a bunny.
Green-If you could invent your own jelly bean flavor, what would it be?

It doesn't have to be Easter related. For example,
Pink-Tell us about your most embarrassing moment.
Red-What is your biggest fear.
Yellow-If you could have any wish, what would it be?

This is a great game to play once everyone has eaten and you are sitting around the table chatting. AND it is perfect for kids and adults alike. You could even make two lists, one for adults and another for the kids.

Buy the giant box of Jelly Belly jelly beans OR if you can't find it, you can buy the assorted Jelly Belly beans from the bulk bin. I recommend the giant box though. Then you have the flavor guide listed on the back so you know which beans are which. (Unless you were a member of the Jelly Belly club and then you wouldn't need the flavor guide.) :)

1. Have each person close their eyes, or you could blindfold them.
2. Give everyone different Jelly Beans to taste test and try to guess the flavor. 
3. The person who gets the most correct, wins. 

You most likely already have jelly beans around the house this weekend. Why not use them to have lots of family fun. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend with your family.


  1. Fun games. Sorry to say I'm not a jelly bean fan. Can we still be friends?

  2. I make it a rule to never let candy come between a friendship. Of course we can still be friends.

  3. I love Jelly Beans! When I was little I would pick Jelly Beans over chocolate anytime. Now chocolate has caught up so it is hard for me to choose. Jelly Bellys are real hit or miss as far as the flavors for me. My favorite is just the traditional jelly beans. I like all of those flavors except licorice. I have seen versions of the first game with m & m's but I think jelly beans would work better - not so melty.

  4. Oh I love jelly beans! Buttered popcorn ones make me gag- I like the fruity ones or the sour ones.

  5. Jelly Beans ROCK it...we can buy them here in Savannah at this VERY cool candy store down in City Market...out of the BULK dispenser:)

    Visiting you from SITS:)

  6. I don't live far from the Jelly Belly factory, we can go buy "belly flops" or seconds for super cheap- I think I got a 2lb bag for $7. This would be a great idea to do with all those belly flops! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I just found your site today and I am in LOVE!! I'm always trying to find more activities that we can do together - and your blog is a virtual treasure trove of fun!! I am going to buy the stuff we need tonight to make the s'mores on skewers and the density rainbow.

  8. Thank you for posting family game ideas! I just found your site through SITS and have really enjoyed the posts. I'm following now. :-)

  9. This is so fun! My kids love it.

  10. I don't like one of the green ones, not sure which one of the green ones I don't like, but the rest are good

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  12. Does anyone know a good way to play the game with the nasty tasting beans? Our Christmas party is Saturday �� I bought the beans but not the over priced game �� just need some ideas! Thanks ��

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