4 is a different number than 3.

Where has the time gone? I was sure I would want back on the computer right away. I even took my lap top to the hospital and thought I would check emails and write a post the night she was born.

Then she was born.

I wasn't concerned with anything www related. I didn't even turn on my computer for almost two weeks after she was born. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It has been wonderful. Time filled with family, excited siblings, and quiet hours in the night when she stares at me with big blue eyes as she nurses. I stare back in awe. There has been more peace, more kindness and a stronger sense of love and unity that only comes from bringing a newborn into the home. There has been more service and more compassion.

We have all perfected our baby voices, and yesterday our almost 3 year old exclaimed...
"I love our new baby. Thank you mom and dad for the new baby". 

"We love her too", is all I could say. I fought back tears (hormones are still settling in my system), and thanked my Heavenly Father for these sweet children. Then I recommitted to love them better.

I was talking to my brother a few days after she was born. He asked the million dollar question. The question every one asks. 

Are 4 children harder than 3?

For my husband and I, the jump from 1 to 2 children was the hard one. I thought for a moment, and answered with "4 is a different number than 3"
He made fun of me for the next few minutes. Mocking the obviousness of my statement. 
"Yes Heather", he said... "4 is a different number than 3,  we learned that in kindergarten". 
And it is. 4 is different, but I don't think it has necessarily been harder because the number is now 4. 

It is more complicated because there is a newborn in the house, not because there is another child in the house. Having my hands tied up because I am feeding her. Adding extra time to everything because she has to be fed before we go out. Keeping our voices down because she is sleeping. Those types of things add a new dimension to our home. Not necessarily harder, just different. 

That said, our two oldest children are such big helpers, and... they are able to do so much for themselves. We all work together.

4 is a different number than 3. 
4 is my new favorite number.

What number was your hardest? The jump from 1 to 2, or maybe 3 to 4?

p.s. It feels good to be back. I can't wait to hear how your summers are going.


  1. The hardest jump for me was from zero to one. I didn't know what I was doing. Lol

  2. So exciting! My sister just had a baby that she placed for adoption. When I was showing Asher the baby, he told me that I needed to get a baby in my tummy in a minute. I tried to explain that it takes longer than a minute, but he 3 1/2, what can I say:)

    She is beautiful, I am glad that your kids are enjoying the new addition:)

  3. the jump to 2 from 1 was definitely hardest. I wasn't ready for another baby and I couldn't get an epidural and was totally unprepared for that and we just had a rough go...for the first year or so. It was really hard. The jump to 3 from 2 was a dream, couldn't have been easier or better (partly because it was a girl after 2 boys and partly because my youngest was 4 when she was born...big breaks between kids are totally the way to go).

    Congratulations! She's gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations! The picture is just beautiful.

  5. I only have 3, but the hardest for me was 2 to 3. I think mostly because my oldest was in school so we had a lot more going on. Congratulations again - your baby is so beautiful.

  6. I have three right now, and the hardest for me was 0 to 1—and I *did* have some idea what I was doing (I have three younger sisters). It wasn't the work—diapers and laundry aren't that big a deal—it was the emotional challenge for me.

  7. I just had my 4th a few months ago. 0 to 1 was definitely the hardest for me, big time!

  8. Congrats again. You are so right about how wonderful it is to have a new baby at home.

    Jumping from 1 to 2 was hard (learning to juggle time and attention) especially because they were only 19 months apart and the baby was colicky. 3 to 4 was also hard for me because I once again had 2 under 2 and it just keeps your hands full and my oldest was only 5 at the time. I think anytime you have 2 little ones close it is hard

    But BY FAR the hardest jump for me was from 4 down to 3. When my 1 year old passed away in an accident I realized how much harder only 3 could be once you have had 4. I now have 6 (5 living) and it is every additional number makes it "easier."

    Stephanie Waite

    ps - just want you to know I Love your blog and have shared it with many of my friends. I appreciate it. Though I rarely if ever comment I do subscribe and read.

  9. Going from 0-1 was hard for me..but it took me
    5 1/2 years to get pregnant. Then only 18 months later we jumped from 1-3 with twins. That was crazy having 3 babies under 1 1/2 years-but we made it and now have 4 {four and under}.

  10. Zero to one! Going from working full time one day to a stay at home mommy the next... with a tiny creature who depended their life on me? Forget about it! : )


  11. We had our little girls the same week! Not sure what day yours was born, but mine was born May 26th. She is my third and going from 2 to 3 has been SO HARD for me. I am not sure why, but I was more emotional and it took longer to recover so I am sure those things contribute to the adjustment being a harder one. I can't imagine four! One baby, EASY and I felt like I was born to be a mom, 2 babies (they were less than 16 months apart!) was tiring but I managed fine, I think. Even after a 3 1/2 year break between 2 and 3 I don't feel adequately prepared. Or adequate. I am positive I am suffering from some sort of postpartum crazy/forgetful/scattered brain! But we are all so smitten and there is nothing like a new baby! Glad you enjoyed the weeks off! I have missed reading posts around here but you deserve a break!! Again- I cannot imagine 4. That sounds scary but it seems you are managing things well. You are one of my heroes! Congrats to you and your family:)

  12. Congratulations Heather..clearly 4 is the perfect number for your family! :)

    btw - welcome back!


  13. Glad you are back. I've missed you. Nice to hear that everyone is loving the baby and thriving.
    0-1 was the absolute hardest for me. But she was also the worst sleeper.. so that may have everything to do with what's the hardest? It's hard to function when you don't sleep.

  14. I just want to say thank you so much for posting this. I am currently pregnant with our third child and have been feeling quite down the last few days. My husband and I have always wanted 4-5 children, but with every child we have, we meet more and more criticism. This post reminded me of what is truly important and that I shouldn't feel ashamed or bad for the family we want to create. It is a beautiful thing. Congratulations to you and yours. <3

  15. congratulations heather! so exciting for you. and goodness, those curls that your daughter has, so pretty!

  16. Congratulations on the new baby! Sounds like things are going well! We've been trying to stay cool. It's pretty hot here, but it makes me thankful because it could be like it was in the winter with inches of ice all over everything. Take care!!

  17. Congratulations! I have seven and I would say that each is an adjustment but I actually feel like the last 2 were easier because my oldest were teenagers and helped a lot! Looking back you will never regret not getting on the computer those 2 weeks or any other time if you are spending it with your family and newborn. My oldest starts college this fall, the time has flown by so keep enjoying every moment! It seems like you have it figured out!

  18. Well, thanks for this! I am headed to 4 right now. I am not very nervous, more excited. Also, my name is Heather Ann, so I figured you must be a kindred spirit.=) http://bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com/

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