Even though school is starting up again, and things are about to get busy, it is still really important to find time to do things together as a family. Here's a new game for your family to try. For more ideas, but sure to click on the Family Fun Friday label in the sidebar.

Wiggly Spoons

All you need...
 (Plastic or Metal. Metal is easier)
Anything will do

This game is great for any age, and any number of players, but, more players are really fun.

Decide if each person is going to be their own team, or if you will have teams. Two or more per team is great.

Tie a LOOOOOOOOONG piece of string to the end of each spoon.

If you are playing in will need one spoon with string for each team. 
The first person has to take the spoon and drop it down their shirt. Then they have to wiggle and jiggle to get the spoon through their shirt and then through their jeans/pants/shorts/dress, what ever they have on. Once it has passed through all of their clothing they can pick up the spoon and pass it to the next person on their team. They have to do the same thing, over and over until the very last person on the team is done. The team that is "connected" from first to last, wins.

If you are playing as individuals... you will need one spoon with string for each person
The rules are exactly the same, except you don't pass to the next person. Instead you are racing one another to see who can pass the spoon on a string through their clothes the fastest.

No touching the spoon once you have dropped it down your shirt, until it comes out the bottom of your pants/shorts etc...and you pick it up to pass it to your team mate.

You have to wiggle and jiggle to get the spoon to move.

You are allowed to touch your clothes with your hands. For example, you can pull your waistband to allow room for the spoon to fall through.

Don't leave the little kids out. They love this game. To make it a little easier, let them use their hands to work the spoon through their clothes. Our two year old thinks it is the best.

Don't forget a video camera. It is pretty funny to watch everyone jumping up and down to get that spoon to move.



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