The Reveal-Hair Tutorial

 I am not a photographer. Neither is my husband.
Second, I felt pretty cheesy just staring at the camera and smiling, so these are a little less direct. 

That said, here are some pictures of my hair today. I will give you the run down.

Last night, way too late, I jumped in the shower and washed my hair. Then I dried it with a blow dryer. It was dry, but not bone dry.

Then, I followed the tutorial on the last post. I did it just like she did, except my headband is not as tight as hers, and my part was not as far to one side as hers.

When I woke up this morning, I took the headband out and used my fingers to comb through and separate the waves/curls. It took less than 5 minutes. (It takes 40 minutes to put my hair up in hot rollers, and hot rollers make me sweaty hot. AND the curls do not stay all day. These curls do.). Major Time Saver.

I added a little hair spray and headed out the door. It took a lot of abuse this morning, including a run in with sprinkles, and it is still going strong. (The pictures were taken after the sprinklers) :)

Tomorrow I will be able to wear it down again, and on Friday I will loosely pull it up. Friday night I will wash it again and put it back up in the headband.

I have never had this hair trick not work.

What do you think?


  1. I think I wish I didn't recently cut my hair! That is so cute. And you are so beautiful. :)

  2. Alicen, We need to meet, so I can give you a hug. You are so sweet. Thanks for making my night.
    I don't know how short you went with your hair, but I use this trick with our daughter all the time and her hair just touches her shoulders. I have to use bobby pins in the very back but other than that, works like a charm.

  3. Oh my! Thanks so much for sharing these pics! Now I will definitely be trying this! I've tried doing it with a flat iron (and looked at plenty of video tutorials) and had ZERO success. I can't wait to try this! Thank you!! And the pictures are great! You are gorgeous. :)

  4. Allen Family,
    I have tried the flat iron thing a thousand times. IT NEVER WORKS FOR ME. EVER. You will love this, and it is easier and faster. Thanks for the kind compliments. They put a smile on this mommas face.

  5. That looks great! You must not be able to go anywhere without getting compliments on your eyes. Beautiful!

  6. I washed my hair this morning and have been wearing it tucked into the headband all day for an extra day of hairstyle. I had to use bobby pins in the back, too, but I'm excited for the results tomorrow! (Amanda, hi!)

  7. So beautiful! I have no clue what it usually looks like, but I love it! I can't wait to try this, but have to buy a headband first. Do you spray your hair with anything? You'll have to show pictures on the following days:)
    Thanks for sharing! I'll have to look up hair tutorials. Do you have any other favorites?

  8. I LOVE it! And I have the same problem w/ hot rollers - I get all sweaty and then my curls fall - and then I get frustrated (...and so on, and so on). Yours looks terrific and I can't believe it lasts so long. I will definitely give this a shot. Thanks :)

    Ps. for a non-photographer, you did a pretty great job!

  9. Amanda, Heitritter Family, what a kind compliment. Thanks.

  10. Kirsten, How did your hair turn out? Do tell. And.. so fun, how do you know Amanda?

  11. Andrea,
    I don't spray my hair with anything. I usually run a little mouse through my hair when it is wet. About the size of a large marshmallow. I just use what ever I happen to have in the bathroom. I have a few other favorites I will share over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

  12. Stefanie,
    Yep, sweaty head means flat curls. And after all the work, it is frustrating. Let me know how yours turn out. :)

  13. My hair turned out great! Love, love, love. I wore my hair in the headband all day Thursday and had curls for Friday and Saturday, and it lasted Sunday, too, I just washed them out for a different hairstyle for my outfit. I did it in my daughter's hair, too (Friday), which is like mine and never holds a curl, and there's still a little curl left (though we've brushed out most of it by now). My new fav, for sure.
    I know Amanda because our husbands are old dorm buddies from before the mish's. (Can't remember if she recommended your site to me or the other way around or not at all, but fun to all collide!)

  14. Kirsten, I was overjoyed to hear that you love your hair. And that you used it on your daughter. WooHoo! No more making her stand forever as you try to curl her hair.
    That is so cool that you and Amanda's husband were in the same dorm. Technology is unbelievable. Awesome that you collide on Family Volley.

  15. I can't wait to try this, but have to buy a headband first. Do you spray your hair with anything? You'll have to show pictures on the following days:)

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