PEN Ready Project and My Own Photo Challenge

With the New Year upon us, I have been thinking about the things I want to do differently this year. 

Call them Resolutions, or Realizations, either way. 
(That's a whole post in and of itself).

One thing I would like to do this year is to SLOW DOWN. I have not worked out all the details quite yet, but I want to make it happen. 

I decided a few months ago that I would kick off the New Year by taking a photography challenge. Not because I am a photographer, far from it. But because taking a picture requires me to slow down, be more thoughtful, and take a minute to see things from a different perspective. I am hoping this new perspective will set the tone for the rest of the year. (I am including the challenge at the end of the post. Let's do this together!) 

I am not the only one who has decided to take a photo challenge. I recently heard about the PEN Ready Project from Olympus. 

Olympus sent out teams to 6 different U.S. cities and handed out over 1,000 new Olympus PEN cameras to over 1,000 unsuspecting people. These are people just like you and me. Regular people who happen to be walking down the street. Can you image how cool it would be to have someone walk up to you and GIVE you a really nice, new camera? Boy do I wish I would have been one of the recipients. You too? :)

It is so fun to see all the different pictures taken by the same camera. I hope my new perspective is as fun and fascinating as PEN Ready.

I am going to make it a weekly challenge. Do you want to join me? There is no need for a fancy camera or elaborate poses. It is all about slowing down to gain our new perspective. I will start a flicker group so we can share our pictures. There are very few rules. Only that you cant use a picture you have already taken. That's cheating. :) 

I am working on figuring out how to make a pretty printable for you. Until are the first three challenges. Put it on your calendars, and let's have some fun. 

January 18 - HANDS

Take a minute to watch the Olympus video. It will inspire you. It did me. 

This post is sponsored by Olympus. The challenge is all mine and has been on my to-do list, for this New Year, for months. 


  1. Hi Heather! I love your idea. I did a photo a day project in 2011 and uploaded them for easy viewing. In looking back over almost a whole year, I'm amazed at how many moments I captured that would have escaped my memory had I not taken the picture. These are not the "big" moments but rather the small, everyday experiences that truly make our family life what it is. While at times it felt overwhelming and I wasn't perfect at it (I missed 2 or 3 days) I'm really proud of it. And one advantage is that I became a better photographer through daily practice. Good luck. I'm eager to see how your project unfolds.

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  2. Suzanne, Thank you sooo much for your comment. That is exactly what I am hoping to achieve with this. Slow down to see the "small everyday experiences that truely make our family like what it is."
    I am glad to know it is possible and that the challenge has the potential to do that for our family also. What a blessing to be able to look back over a whole year of photos. You are brave to take on such a big commitment. Love that it was worth it. Thanks again for the vote of confidence, and support. Happy New Year. :)

  3. Hmmm...think I am excited about this! This is a fun way to stretch myself and do something I would normally shy away from.

  4. Rach, so glad you're up for it. Can't wait to see how things go. :)

  5. Hi Heather, i follow your blog thru email subscibtion so i am usually just a reader , not a commentor but I would love to join you on this challenge as improving my photography & capturing more of my family is also on my 2012 goal list. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. Trish, thanks for the comment. Excited to have you take on the challenge. Can't wait to see what we all come up with and how things go.

  7. I absolutley love this idea, but I do not have a flikr account. I realize I am probably to only person alive! Haha! Well, I will try and set one up to participate. Such a great idea. Deep breath. Focus. Shoot!

  8. mightysweetmama, as long as we are confessing, I don't have a Flicker account either. Haha. It was on my to-do list tomorrow to figure out how to set things up. If it doesn't work, we can do a linky right on the post so it is easier for everyone. Either way, don't not participate. :) We could even link straight to your blog if you have one and wanted to post there. I will get details out on Wednesday as I figure things out. So excited you are on board, and, Love the Deep Breath. Focus. Shoot. I was already getting nervous for Wednesday's self portrait so the deep breath was just what I needed tonight.

  9. The Flickr sign up is not hard at all! Way less intimidating than I thought! Thanks for confessing - I feel so"alone." Also, thanks for the encouragement on my blog. You are awesome. You've been at this a while so any tips you have are great. Still trying to find my voice, but I am having fun! Just let me know what you name the group. Looking forward to our challenge!

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