Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 1-Self Portrait

What an exciting day. Today is the first week of our Family Volley Photo Challenge. I hope you will all join in. If you missed the announcement, and want to know more about the challenge and why we are doing it, check out this post. (Think SLOWING DOWN, new perspective, and capturing everyday family moments that make up our lives). Don't worry if you didn't start today. Jump in any time.

I have created a Flicker Group for everyone to share their photos and to leave comments. If you don't have an account, don't worry. It is so quick and easy. Just ask Mighty Sweet Mama, she signed up on Monday and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was too.

To join our Flicker group, just click here on Family Volley Photo Challenge 2012. It will take you right to it. If you don't have an account, create one really quick and you can upload your photo. You can also find the group by logging in to Flicker, and then search for Family Volley Photo Challenge 2012 under GROUPS. Should pop right up for you. (If you have any trouble, let me know and I can send you an email invite).

This Weeks Challenge: Self Portrait
I should probably only include one picture, but I couldn't decide this week. SO, you get two.
Next Weeks Challenge: Your Favorite Shoes (January 11)

This week's challenge gave me an opportunity to SLOW DOWN and look at myself. With 4 kids and all the other things we have going on, I don't really ever do that.

I realized, I like my hair line, and my hands look like my mom's and grandma's. I like that too.

Can't wait to see your photos.

How did you SLOW DOWN this week?
What do you like about yourself?


  1. I'm praying for a little sunshine so I can take my self portrait. I've been looking forward to this. Thanks, Heather!

  2. Cute photos! I had my dd take a photo of me. oops. First challenge and already failing :)

  3. Andrea, No failing here. You just made it a family affair. :) Awesome. Load that picture up. Let's see.

  4. Suzanne, fingers crossed for your sunshine. Can't wait to see.

  5. You're gorgeous! Love both of them, I wouldn't have been able to choose either.

  6. Love your portrait Heather!!! I have posted mine also. i have slowed down & photographed 2 of my children whilst playing & they haven't known Im doing it. I managed to capture some of the nicest photos I have ever taken of them.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Hi Heather, I came accross your blog and your picture challenge through my love sister Trish (A dream house for Trish) and have decided to join.

    I will put up a self portrait tonight and cant wait for next week's "shoe" pictures!

    Feel free to drop by my blog some time :-)


  8. Thanks Emily, you are going to join us? RIght?

  9. Trish, your picture was lovely. I am so happy that you have already been able to SLOW DOWN and capture family life. I read your comment while rocking our little one last night, and it brought tears. Some of your "nicest photos ever", and It is only week one. Love what this is going to do for all of us and our families, and our photos.

  10. Love your blog! Photography is something I need to learn more about. (I treasure the traits I share with my mother and grandmother too.)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  11. (my blog...

  12. Hi Deborah, thanks for saying hello. I hope you will join our photo challenge. You will love it.

  13. Hi Heather, this is such a great idea. Too bad I didn’t hear about this challenge when it started but it’s a good thing anyone can jump in anytime. I'll have to dig out the old camera and see how I get on. Thanks, Grace

  14. Grace, dont worry, you are right on time. We just started and are so excited to have you join in Can't wait. Let me know if you have any questions. But... It is not meant to be stressful, it is meant to help us slow down and capture the small moments that make up our families lives.

  15. Hi Heather,

    My sisters Trish (A Dream House for Trish) and Erin (Life Style n') put me onto your site and challenges. I'm looking forward to two things from it. 1) slowing down and renewing my enthusiasm for photography and 2)Looking at my sisters and myself through your image themes and our differant, yet similar perspectives. Great idea. Will be posting to Flickr soon.


    1. Deb, thank you for saying hello. So happy to have you join us. I LOVE your goals for this challenge and can't wait to see how things are going. What an insightful goal, "to see your sisters and yourself through the images and themes".

      Just added that to my goals too. "To see my family and myself through the image themes." Thank you for the inspiration.

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