This is THE perfect game to help your family work together and problem solve. Remember, working together in a fun activity will help our families work together when other challenges come our way also.

You don't need any materials for this activity. Just choose a starting line and a finish line 20 feet apart. Your whole family will want to play at the same time, making one group. If you have more than about 5 or 6 people in your family, then consider splitting up into two groups.

Goal: Successfully travel across the room fulfilling the exact requirements of each challenge (each Round).

Rules: Your family will learn to support each other while using a specified number of arms and legs to travel 20 feet. All group members must participate and must be connected to each other during the entire journey.

How to Play:
Travel the 20 feet in the exact manner listed below for each round (no more limbs, and no less limbs).

Round 1: 5 feet must be used to travel across the floor (Example, if you have 5 people in your family/group, everyone would link arms together and hop on one leg across the floor. So, there would be 5 feet used to travel the distance. If you had 4 people in your family. The group would link arms together and one person would walk on both feet, while the other 3 people hopped on one foot. Make Sense?)

Round 2: 4 feet and 4 hands.

Round 3: 4 feet and 3 hands

Round 4: Only 3 feet and 2 hands on the floor.

This is the perfect activity for any size family, and for group settings also.

Your family will be more cohesive as they accomplish these 4 rounds together.

Have Fun, and have a great weekend!

p.s. Sorry to be MIA this week. I seem to be behind in life, and the blog ends up getting the raw end of the deal.


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