Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 7-"Close-Up"

Hard to believe that we have been doing this for 7 weeks already. I have been so thankful for these posts each week. It is working, I am slowing down and enjoying the everyday family moments more. I hope the same is happening in your house.

If you are just learning about the photo challenge, or are feeling behind. Don't worry. You can jump in at any time. And even if you are not taking photos, come look at the photos that are being posted in the Family Volley Flickr group. They are fantastic, they will inspire you to jump on board.

This week is all about CLOSE-UP, and this photo is really really close up. This was a very happy moment. It was just the baby and me at home. As I looked at the two of us in the mirror, I was overwhelmed by gratitude for the opportunity to be a mother, and for her sweet spirit. When she is asleep I miss her and want her to wake up, when she is awake I can't hold her close enough and don't want to put her down.

  Next Week's Challenge (February 22) - "Childhood Memory"


  1. Thanks Suzanne!That is exactly what she has brought to our home. Pure JOY!

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