This is a great game to help your family learn to cooperate, problem solve, work together as a team and be patient with others. 

All you need is a hula hoop.
Because adults are taller than kids, it works really well to have parents play on their knees. Then everyone is closer in height.

How to Play
  • Players stand in a circle around the hula-hoop. 
  • Each player must place two straight fingers (one on each hand) on the hula-hoop. Supporting the hula-hoop.
  • The group must then lower the hula-hoop from waist-level to the ground. 
Both fingers much remain completely straight and must maintain contact with the hula-hoop at all times.

If anyone's finger(s) come off the hula-hoop or bend at any time the group must start over.

I know this sounds simple, but just wait. It is not as easy at it looks.

Have a great weekend!
Anyone doing anything fun?


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