FAMILY FUN FRIDAY - Ooga Booga Look!

Great News, you don't need any supplies for this game.

And...your kids will think this game is hilarious.

With your family or any group of people, gather in a circle with arms on the shoulders of each person on both sides. Like a huddle.

With head and eyes looking down to the floor the group slowly starts to walk in a circle while everyone chants, ..."Ooga-Booga, Ooga-Booga, Ooga-Booga, Look!"

As soon as the group says "Look", everyone stops walking in a circle, and lifts their head to LOOK INTO THE EYES OF ANOTHER PERSON IN THE GROUP.

If two people are both looking at each other, they are out of the game. Repeat the above steps until only two players remain. They are the winners!

If you have small children, have everyone play on their knees so that you are the same height.


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