FAMILY FUN FRIDAY - Reverse Charades

Unlike regular charades where one person acts out a word or phrase for the group, in Reverse Charades, the group acts out for one person.

All you need to play are some strips of paper with clues to act out, written on them. You can do single words, phrases, inside family jokes, you can even do bible stories (like Daniel and the Lions Den) etc. Anything will work. Single words are usually the easiest. Once you have the clues, put them in a pile on the table, or in a basket.

Before we start this game, I give every family member (or every player) 10 strips of paper and a pen. Then, every person writes down 10 clues on their papers. In less than 5 minutes we have 50+ clues and we are ready to play. It is really easy to keep the old papers on hand for a quick Reverse Charades game when our family needs something to do.

Remember, no talking.

To Play:
Have one family member stand, facing the rest of the family. They are going to be the "guesser".

Set the timer for 1 minute. The rest of the family will then pull out a strip of paper and immediately begin to act out the clue for the "guesser".

Keep track of how many words each person guesses correctly. The person who guesses the most during their turn, wins.


  1. There is a real game by this name already-
    It was created by BYU grads and they have a junior edition too for families

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