There are some games that just bring out the fun, in all of us. Disco King is one of those games and will have your whole family "rockin".

I know I am always saying, "this game is so much fun". But this game really is sooo much fun. Perfect for family night, Friday Fun, a random Wednesday, or Easter Weekend when all your family is in town and you need something to do together. Hint Hint

All you need for this game is music. Your favorite music.

Here's how you play. All the participants stand in a circle.

Pick someone to be the "Disco King". That person is at the "front" of the circle. The point of the game is to be the "Disco King".

Once you have a "Disco King", everyone will go around the circle and pick a dance move. Think Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta, Stayin Alive, if you need some ideas. The 70's and 80's provide great inspiration. The moves don't have to be crazy and you don't have to be a good dancer to play. Even a foot tap will work. So now, each player has their own dance move.

Once all of the dance moves have been established, turn on the music.

Now the fun begins. The "Disco King" gets things started by doing his/her dance move for 4 beats of the music.

Then, the "Disco King" will do someone else's dance move for 4 beats. This "passes" the dance to another player. Similar to Leader of the Band.

The person who the dance was passed to, will then do their move for 4 beats to "receive" and then will do another players dance move for 4 beats to "pass".

The game continues like this until someone misses a beat, is too slow, or makes a mistake. If someone misses a beat or messes up, the game is paused and that person moves to the "end" of the circle and everyone else shifts "up".

Remember, everyone is trying to work their way "up" to be the "Disco King".

Don't hesitate. Turn on some music, round up your family and friends and "get your groove on". I promise their will be laughing and good times.

Do you have big Easter plans? What special Easter traditions do you celebrate?


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