Family Volley Photo Challenge-Week 13-"In Your Bag"

Maybe I should call the Photo Challenge "The Better Late Than Never Challenge", because for the last 4 weeks, I have been behind. I apologize. I am going to do better.

This Week's Challenge: "In Your Bag"

I have carried a diaper bag for the last 10 years. Sure, there have been times here and there were I go back to a normal bag or purse, but a diaper bag over my shoulder is when I am most comfortable. I think I want to carry a diaper bag forever.

I opened the diaper bag tonight, and this is what I found. I didn't move a single thing. In the back, a sleeve that carries diapers and wipes. A hard book for our little one, snacks, cheerios and the new mini graham crackers. Have you seen the new mini graham crackers? They are great. Easy to break into little pieces, and they taste really good. And then, there is our 10 month old's favorite toy. The eyes belong to an elephant. She loves to chew on him. And when you squeeze the elephant, his eyes "bug" out of his head. Our daughter thinks it is so funny and loves to suck on the eyes. It is the perfect church toy and gets us through at least 30 minutes.

Although I have been slow to get these posts up, they are making a difference in my life. Documenting, slowing me down, causing me to think about the small things like our daughter's favorite toy. Amongst the craziness that I feel trying to manage a family and home, and life, these small moments of reflection are wonderful. I hope they are doing the same for you?

Next Week's Challenge (April 4): "Easter" 


  1. Better late than never is right on time. I shot my bag photo but after a week visit with my parents over spring break, nothing more has come of it. I must blog and upload photos! Happy Monday!

  2. It's always fun to see what you take a photo of. I need a new non- diaper bag and I'm not sure what to get or that I can function without it.


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