How to be Miserable...

Inspired by a funny conversation I had a few weeks ago, "How to be Miserable" is a new series here on Family Volley. Each week I will post one way to be Miserable. To help us remember how to be Happy.

Don't Smile

If you want to be miserable, don't smile. Smiling makes us more attractive, changes our mood, relieves stress, makes us look younger, boosts our immune system and helps us stay positive. Who would ever want those things to happen?

Plus, a smile is contagious. So by all means, if you want to be miserable, don't smile, and don't hang out with people who smile either. You might catch something.

The Challenge: Smile today, even if you don't feel like it.

Feel free to share "How To Be Miserable" with your friends. Because who really wants to be happy anyways. :)

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