Advertising on Family Volley is a great way to get your business noticed. I take great pride in what I write. I publish Monday through Friday and work to ensure that the information is helpful, interesting and inviting. Not only do I teach these principles to college students, but I am a wife and mom and I understand how important good solid information is. 

Reasons to advertise on Family Volley,

  • Family Volley readers are mostly women. That's a great thing because women make most of the money decisions in the home. These women readers are quick to tell their husbands and friends what they read and learn. Family Volley readers are loyal. 
  • I am careful with advertising, only promoting good companies and sites worth my readers time. You will know that your add will be surrounded by other great "brands."
  • Prices are very reasonable, with discounts offered when you sign up for 3 or more months.
  • With thousands of unique hits a week, your name will be seen by many. 
  • Connections to Twitter and Facebook will give you even more attention. 
  • I am also the Managing Editor of A National Online Magazine for women. Advertising on Family Volley can also mean attention Nationally through CraziBeautiful.
  • You will work directly with me. No middle man. I will respond quickly and always have one goal in mind. How can we promote you?
  • An ongoing opportunity to announce sales, promotions and other important news.
When you advertise on Family Volley, you have a few size options. On top of that, discounts are offered when you commit to 3, 6, and 12 month ads.

The day your ad goes live, you will be featured on Family Volley. This feature will include a great write up as well as any pictures or links you would like included. You can also include a giveaway if applicable, with extra entries for following "you." It will also be linked to Facebook and Twitter, increasing exposure.

In Addition...Family Volley offers.....
  • A one time "Giveaway post". You can schedule a giveaway for your product and we will promote that giveaway every way we can.
  • A one time "Featured On", post. In this post we will feature your site or company.  
  • Buy a weekly "Sponsor Plug". For one week, your logo and a small "bleep" about you will be at the bottom of every post. This will run Monday through Sunday. A full 7 days. 

Thank you for considering Family Volley for your advertising needs. Contact me HERE and we can talk about pricing and details. 

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