The End is Near (Teacher's Gift for the end of the year)


For the last three weeks I have been trying to figure out what to give our kids teachers for the end of the year. I have learned that if I don't start early then it doesn't get done.

After much searching I have found it. I am so excited I had to share. Not hard to make, not expensive, big wow factor. Any teacher would love it. And it is unique. (Unique gifts are hard to come by when my kid's teachers have been teaching for 25 years.)

Quick, Go here and check it out.  One more thing to check off your to-do-list.

I have also had the sewing bug lately. I am going to start on a few of these this week. I should wait until the Teacher's gifts are made, but I can't guarantee that.
What do you think? Will the teachers like them? Does this solve anyone else's teacher appreciation problem?

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  1. Those are really cute, but my mom taught elementary school for twenty years, and the last thing she wanted was more stuff. Honestly, I'd suggest a heartfelt thank-you card, and if you wanted to be really fancy, a gift card. You could get it to an office supply store, to help with school supplies next year, or somewhere fun, like a movie theater, restaurant, Starbucks, etc.

  2. Cathie, thanks for the advice. Maybe I will rethink the gift and go with two tickets to the movies and some movie treats. After so many years of gifts you make a really good point. I will just have to make these for my kids play room. An "A", "B", and "C" on the wall would be fun.

  3. I saw those before and thought they were such a cute idea, but then like Cathie says, my sister is a teacher and said anything that's not more stuff, or something they can use (like pens, paper etc.) is more appreciated.

  4. Andrea,
    Noticed you are in Canada. My brother served a mission in Montreal, where are you at?


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