FAMILY FUN FRIDAY! Cracker Whacker.

This game will have you moving all over the place. Play outside for less clean up, but don't kid yourself, we have played inside plenty of times. Nothing a broom can't take care of.

You Will Need:
Dental Floss (or string)
Saltine Crackers
Newspaper or magazine to roll up

Set Up:
Have each player take a piece of dental floss and thread it through one of the holes in the Saltine Cracker.
Just between you and I, I like to use the middle holes because I don't like to loose. Wink, wink. Once the floss is through, tie it tightly so that it won't come off.

Next, tie the dental floss around your waist or a belt loop on the back of your pants. You want the saltine to hang just enough so that if someone was looking at you from the front, they could see it hanging between your legs. About mid thigh.

Give every player a few pieces of newspaper rolled up like a mini bat.

Establish boundaries. If there are just a few of you then you could keep the boundary small, it you have a large family or group, you will want to set larger boundaries.

To Play:
Once everyone has their cracker tied to the dental floss, the dental floss tied to their waists, and their newspaper in hand, you are ready to start. All players must remain in the boundaries throughout the entire game.
Using only the rolled up newspaper or magazine, players must attempt to smack and break off the crackers of the other players. Remember that while you are trying to whack someone else's cracker you have to keep moving to keep your cracker safe.

Once your entire cracker has been whacked off your dental floss you have to sit down outside the boundaries. Now you can try to whack the other players crackers as they run by.

As you start to eliminate players, bring your boundaries in so that players are forced to get closer to one another.

The winner is the person at the end with any amount of cracker left hanging.

This game is great for families, as well as large group gatherings such as youth events or reunions. Every time I have played, someone has fallen down because they were laughing so hard. And, kids think this is the greatest game ever.

Any one going to give it a try?

Family Volley


  1. Oh I might need to play this at girls camp this year. Hopefully nobody would get bent out of shape about it. I personally think this is hilarious

  2. Amanda,
    The girls will love it. I have done it with our young women a number of times. They always ask if we can play it. I have also used it at youth conference with 200 youth. Seriously a blast.

    1. I know that it has been many years since you posted this, but when you did this activity for youth conference, how much of everything (crackers, dental floss, newspapers) did you bring with you? Also, did you divide them into groups, and if so, how many in each group? Thanks so much. Lonette

  3. We're going to give it a try tonight. I think Jack will love it (but I'm guessing Elvis - our dog - will love the results even more!) I even plan on using a few of these games at our next family reunion in September.

  4. I don't know how you come up with these games Heather, but they are great! I really hope you keep these up on this blog long enough for us to play with our 6 month old when he gets older.

  5. I am in charge of our family reunion this weekend. I'm going to try this, it sounds hilarious!

  6. Family Fun Friday's 'Cracker Whacker' is a blast of joy and laughter. How Mobile Hack This game brings families together, offering hilarious moments as you try to whack crackers in the most entertaining ways.


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