Summer Here We Come, Ready or Not!

This weekend has been one of those. The ones that don't stop, that are not relaxing, and for me were filled with so many church meetings my brain is officially fried.

Funny, as I sat in my longest meeting, 3 hours, (you read that correctly), I realized that I was doodling on my agenda. I wasn't doodling about the meeting, I was doodling to stay awake, and about summer.
The time has come, we are preparing ourselves. This is the last week of school for our kids and then they will be home. Everyday, for two and a half months. This is a big transition, But my favorite.

I like it because the kids are home. All day.
I must admit, when they are at school, I start to miss them about 1:00 pm. I am always wondering what they are doing, how their spelling test went, and if they got enough to eat at lunch. When they are home, I don't have to wonder.

I like it because I don't have to have the children dressed and out the door. We don't have to be anywhere. We can stay in our pajamas till noon if we want.

I like it because we can do all the things we don't have time for during the school year. We can make more than one batch of cookies in the same day, stay at the park too long, play Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders at the same time.

I like it because I don't have to wake anyone up early from their nap. Our youngest always gets jipped. Naps all around.

I like it because we swim everyday.

I like it because I can stay home all day. That means the house is cleaner. I don't have to be out the door at 8, and neither do the children. I can get to the chores, and then some. Time to clean the blinds.

I like it because I am at peace when I am with my children. I worry less and laugh more.

So, what are some of the things we have done to get ready?....
  • The yard has been prepared. Weeds killed, grass mowed.
  • Bikes have been tuned. Air in all the tires, handle grips replaced. We even decorated our bikes to celebrate.
  • I have done my research. I have the schedule for the library, the activities that our local Colleges are putting on for children, I have checked into the zoo and know when kids are free, local community centers, parks, museums, etc. If we do want to leave the house, I know my options. This makes things easier for me when I have a child who says they are bored. I already have an answer for them. It also saves a ton of money. If I know the kids want to go to the zoo, I can plan ahead to take them when kids are free.
  • The wiffle balls, frisbee, jump rope, and hula hoops have all been taken out of storage.
  • I have been stocking up on supplies for the creativity box. All winter I have been saving new items. Next Monday they will be added to the box.
  • Last week for FHE we went over our boredom list.  It has been modified and added to.
  • At that same FHE, We asked our children what they wanted to do this summer. They look forward to this time of year even more than I do. We let them tell us all the things they have been waiting to do. We made some goals. We have a list of everyday goals, like our daughter wants to try to cook new recipes. She loves to cook so a lot of her everyday activities will be helping in the kitchen. We also made weekly goals like going to the library or a museum. Then we set overall goals like, don't rush during the day, and be flexible. Our kids are more excited and feel in control of the next few months. (We also talked about house guests that will be coming to visit and planned activities for when they are here.)
  • I have rotated the toys so that the toys they haven't seen in six months are out and ready.
  • I have readied the supplies. We will be doing some spring cleaning and organizing so I have the supplies we will need. The kids have garden gloves that fit them, mini shovels, their own rags, Magic Erasers, and their favorite, little squirt bottles with Windex.
  • And...I bought the BIG box of Otter Pops from Costco and they are frozen in the downstairs freezer.
Summer Here We Come, Ready or Not!

What do you like about summer?
Do you enjoy having your kids home?
Big summer plans?
Summer tips, do share.


  1. Hi Heather... oooo I DO love summer - and mostly because my girls are home with me! I would love to say I am as organized as you are... i wish it were true. But we do a lot of fun activities, we sometimes just stay in our PJs all day! I love it most because I have them ALL to myself and we always do fun activities. Our big trip is to South Caroline (beach) with my side of the family... EVERY summer. So that is always something to look fwd to... I just love spending time with my sweet girls, bike riding, beaching it, playing games, going for walks, watching movies, gardening, cooking out with hubby, camping with us all, and perhaps this year "official" swim lessons (even though I was a certified swimming instructor... it might be easier this way! hahaha). My eldest loves to learn about doing things I love - so perhaps more cooking/baking, sewing, and crocheting this summer. One question 'FHE' could you explain?
    Thanks! I LOVE SUMMER! I LOVE MY GIRLS & Hubby! I LOVE being with my entire family - during these next few months - they still love being a 'family'... I just cannot wait. I, too, miss them while they are in school... HAPPY SUMMER!

  2. Even though I can't stay home with my kids yet, I love it on the weekends when The weather is nice. We got a nice bike trailer to pull the kids in (good bye baby weight) with the goal to do a thirty mile round trip bike ride to grandma's house and back. I love the fact that now I can take Asher and Abbie to the park, and Asher is finally getting more adventurous. He doesn't have any cousins and he gets a little social anxiety, but the warmer weather brings on a bolder boy:) My big thing is the END of summer brings us closer to my hubby entering graduate school, and closer to Disneyland for Asher's 3rd Birthday in October:)


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