Inquiring...Beauty Secrets

Today my daughter asked me what a "beauty secret" was.

I laughed out loud. Then I tried to explain.
The explanation must have made sense because then she asked me if I "had any?" Beauty Secrets that is.

I have been thinking about this all day.    Do I?....   Have any beauty secrets.

Yes, I have three...

I use q-tips to carefully remove any misplaced mascara that finds its way around my eyes. I run them under the water really quick so they are damp, and then carefully clean up the stray marks. I always curl my eyelashes and I appreciate that the q-tips will remove the stray mascara without ruining the curl. I use them to clean up my eyebrows also.

In college I had a roommate who read in a magazine that if you will get your hair really wet in the shower, the shampoo and conditioner will work better and you will have shinier hair. Since then I always let the water run on my hair for an extra minute. I really count to 60.

Bare Essentuals Faux Tan, Sunless Tanner.
Growing up in Southern CA, I didn't even know what sunless tanner was. Now I live in Utah and I miss the color my skin used to be. A little color in my skin helps to keep the "winter blues" at bay. It gets me through until I can hit the pool with the kids again. It is the best. No orange, no staining, just sun kissed. And it has an application brush that means it never touches my hands. Until now, no one even knew I used it, except my husband. Now the secret is out. 

SO... Do you? 
Have any beauty secrets?
Please Share.

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  1. Hey Whitney Klomp taught us much didn't she? LOL

  2. Anne Marie,
    Hi Hi Hi. Yes, Whitney taught us that. I think about it every time I get in the shower.

  3. After putting lipstick on, put your finger in your mouth, close lips around it and pull it out. The residual lipstick on your finger is lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth.

  4. This may not count, and maybe already knows, but... I have blond hair and I don't want my hair turning green during swim season. So, I always get it really wet in the sink or shower before getting in the pool. That way my hair soaks up that water and not the chlorine water from the pool. I hope this counts because I don't have any other beauty secrets! :)

  5. Love your hair tips!! I don't see a follow button, but maybe that's because I'm on my phone! Will try again tomorrow!


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