Kids Say the Darndest Things....

Who needs a good laugh?

After all, Kids Say the Darndest Things. 

Our funny experiences this past week have revolved around bathrooms. 

First, I don't know about your kids, but why is it that when our kids get into public restrooms they want to touch, explore, check out, and enquire about everything? Some of the funniest things our kids have ever said have been while we are in restrooms. 

I was in a public restroom with our daughter on Friday. When we walked in it didn't smell very good. She proceeded to say, out loud, "Mom, that's not very nice for the lady with the blue shoes to make the bathroom stink.
Yep, she could see the shoes on the lady in the stall next to us. Can you say embarrassing? 

Then, our youngest was using the bathroom while we were visiting my parents after church. Our daughter started calling for her. My mom rushed in to find our daughter sitting on the toilet plugging her nose. Before my mom could say anything, our daughter said...

"Grandma, what is that smell?"

Through tears of laughter, my mom informed her that she was causing the smell.

I have been laughing about it ever since. 


Laughter all around. 
Happy Monday!

Family Volley


  1. Hahah!!!
    So did you have to wait to leave the bathroom until the lady in the blue shoes left? Ive had my kids say things like that when they were little- but not call someone right out lol!!

  2. Oh yes, we had to wait until she left. I couldn't go out and run into her at the sink washing hands.
    Usually my daughter is really good about waiting until the person is out of ear shot. Not this time. My husband was waiting for us. He wondered if we fell in. 5 year olds are hilarious.

  3. that's hilarious.
    We frequented many restrooms this weekend, and everytime I had to go over the don't touch anything. And yet.. they touched everything. I was wondering why must everything and I do mean everything be touched. gross.

  4. Sometimes things kids say can make us laugh out loud! It may be just a simple sentence, but when said at the right time, it can sound hilarious!

  5. I just posted about this a couple of weeks ago- it's too funny- I have to copy and paste it here :)
    So we were on our way to California, and we stopped at a gas station. I took the 2 kids in to the restroom with me so we could all do our business. I am a super paranoid Mom- I have a hard time letting my kids out of sight in public places so we all herded into the same stall (and not only out of paranoia- they sometimes need help- you Mommies know how it is). So they do their thing and as it's my turn, I hear a couple of old ladies enter- they are chatting.

    It's a 3 stall bathroom with great acoustics. The air falls silent. One of the ladies lets. it. rip.

    My kids both gasp and look at me.

    "What was that, Mom?" asks London (very loudly).

    "Nothing," I whisper, and put a finger over my lips.

    "Was that you, Mom?!" Nathaniel questions at 100,000 decibals.

    I shake my head and mouth the word "No!"

    "That was YOU?!" London exclaims.

    I am bright red at this point, and so embarrassed I can't even move.

    The old lady let's it go again. Louder and longer this time.

    My kids bust out laughing.

    "Do it again, Mom!" London says.

    "Yeah, do it again!"

    "It's. Not. Me." I whisper. "Be. Quiet."

    "Come on! Do it again!"

    More sounds erupt from the next stall.

    More laughter explodes from ours.

    "I knew it was you Mom. Do it again!"

    One of the old ladies starts laughing at this point.

    I'm just thinking 'Why me?'

    I flush, get myself modest, and rush London and Nathaniel through the fastest hand washing of their lives before sprinting out of there.

    We had a talk about bathroom manners in the car when they finally stopped giggling.

    It's a good thing they are cute, that's all I'm saying. And, really, it wasn't me.

  6. MY favorite thing recently?

    "How about again? How about another gain?"


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