Till Then....

I sure am going to miss those eyes.  

In about 5, make that 4 hours I leave for Girl's Camp. I get to help take 250 girls ages 12-18 to camp until Saturday. Pray for me will you.

It will be a great experience, once I get there. I have decided that more stress comes from making sure my husband and kids are taken care of then planning the actual camp. They have meals ready, clothes clean and in their drawers, and schedules written out. Plus I have a wonderful husband who can handle what ever comes his way this week, and parents close by that take great care of our kids when I am gone and my husband is at work.

I had intended to have posts waiting on auto publish, but it just didn't happen. So, until Monday, have a great week, a great weekend, and enjoy your family, and a hot shower for me. Because where I am going, there are not showers, let alone hot ones.


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