All in the Name of Love

It is amazing and humbling to think about all the things we do for our children, OUT OF LOVE.

We make sacrifices day in and day out for them. We won't stop, and we don't complain. Instead, we feel humbled for the opportunity to be their parents.

This weekend we took our children to Lagoon, OUT OF LOVE. It's an amusement park about an hour and 15 minutes from our house.

We let them put those hand stamps on our hands that don't come off for 2 weeks, OUT OF LOVE.

We stood in really hot and long lines for all the kiddy rides, OUT OF LOVE.

We maneuvered crowds and people with a stroller, OUT OF LOVE.

We told our son who is now tall enough to ride all the rides that we would ride what ever he wanted, OUT OF LOVE.

We rode Colossus over and over, OUT OF LOVE.

We rode Wild Mouse, OUT OF LOVE.

We rode Wicked over and over, OUT OF LOVE.

We paid a small fortune for dinner at the park, OUT OF LOVE.

And then, purely OUT OF LOVE, I rode The Samurai with our son. Notice that I said "I." Yep, no one else would go with him.(My parents were there too.) NO LOVE. My husband refused. But OUT OF LOVE I got in line with our 56' son.

I warn you while watching this. I hope you didn't just eat.

OUT OF LOVE I went on Wicked again.

OUT OF LOVE I went on Colossus again.

OUT OF LOVE I went on Tidal Wave after all this.

OUT OF LOVE I went on Wicked again.

The park closed and we loaded the car. OUT OF LOVE I tried not to complain about how horrible I felt once I sat down in the car.

OUT OF LOVE, while my husband drove on the freeway and my vision was blurred from my headache, I climbed over two seats to get the blanket out of the back that was under the stroller so our daughter could have a pillow.

OUT OF LOVE I held a bottle in our baby's mouth, backwards until she fell asleep.

OUT OF LOVE I drove home imagining "this" is what a hangover must feel like.

OUT OF LOVE I threw up out the window 6 miles from our house, while we were driving.

OUT OF LOVE my husband hosed the car off for me when we got home.

The next morning when our son told me The Samuri was his favorite ride and asked if I would ride it again with him next summer, OUT OF LOVE, fighting my "Samurai Hangover", I said yes.

What have you done "OUT OF LOVE" for your children?
Have you ever thrown up after riding roller coasters?

If you need something to do. Feel free to watch all the videos in a row, over and over and over. Let me know what happens to you, OUT OF LOVE.


  1. All I can say is WOW that is real LOVE!

  2. So funny. (but sorry for your unfortunate physical reactions). :) I was thinking the exact same thing when we took our kids to Lagoon last week. That two for one thing made the park unbearably busy!!! But the whole time I was thinking I am doing this because I love them. Also, as strong of a testimony as I have, sometimes I think to myself, I am taking my three young children to church OUT OF LOVE!!! It's never restful. I'm always wiped out by the end of Sunday. But, yes, it is all out of love! Great post. Hope you've recovered. It's humbling how young are bodies are not anymore, that's for sure!

  3. This week I am taking all three kids to the dentist- out of love. They won't believe that, but it's true nonetheles. Afterwards I will take them to some gross burger place with a slide inside- out of love. Great post, Heather! Good reminder.

  4. Your comments are making me laugh right out loud.

    It is true I am not 18 anymore. Guess I learned that the hard way. I have recovered.
    Now I am feeling sympathy pains for you Amanda, because of the dentist, but more so because of the gross burger place with the slide.

    And Alicen, church can really be a test. Sometimes you can come home and feel like you have either been in a wresting match for an hour and ten minutes, or like you just ran a 5K. Sweat and all.

    Then we look at our kids and feel so grateful that we do it again, and again, and again.

  5. wow- I'm amazed that you lasted so long. I'd be throwing up right after the first ride.

  6. We live five minutes from Lagoon, and have never tried the samuri. I know I'd puke.

    Not far from that ride are those hanging planes that just spin in a circle - they're connected to cables. My bro-in-law went on that and puked while riding it - doused the people in line with vomit.

    It was so cool.

  7. this was hilarious!! i am not sure i have that much love..haha! But seriously, as much as I love/loved rollercoasters, I KNOW that I would be losing my lunch on that thing!


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