Before the School Bell Rings

Whether your kids head out the door to school every day, or you home school, this new year is about to begin. Preparations in our house are in full force.
  • We have started getting back on a schedule. During the summer we tend to be a little more lenient with bed times. No longer, we have started getting our kids to bed at a "school friendly hour." The best way to make the adjustment is to put your kids to bed 15-20 minutes earlier every few days until you are back on track. If they have been going to bed at 8, put them to bed at 7:40 tomorrow. Then in two days put them to bed at 7:20, etc... Its okay if they don't go to bed immediately. Quietly resting in bed will work also. By the time school starts they will be ready to go. 
  • The same goes for getting up. This applies to us and our kids. If you want to simplify your family's school mornings, get up before your kids. This way you don't have to rush and you can give your kids your full attention. Remember, getting everyone out the door with ease sets the tone for the rest of the day. 
Start getting your kids up for school hours now so the early morning wont come as a shock to their young systems.
  • Whether you have kept up with reading and school work over the summer or not, start reviewing. Give your children a head start by refreshing their memories.  Spend a few minutes each day doing school work over the next two weeks. Simple things like math problems, writing ABC"s and reading will get their minds moving again. It will also help them adjust to siting in their seats and concentrating on a task. 
  • Spend an hour in your kids closet. Don't get caught off guard. Make sure their jeans still fit before the first day of school. Plus you will save money by not buying things they don't need. 
  • Make sure your kids know their address and phone number. Once school starts they are not by our side 24/7. You hope they never have to use them but you never know.
We recently did away with our home phone so our kids are learning two new cell phone numbers. Plus, Utah now makes you dial the area code, so we have 10 numbers to memorize, not just 7.

Tomorrow we are going to make these great phone number bracelets to help them learn and remember. We are going to make 2 and put our address on one also. Not only will it be a fun craft, but we will be learning as we go. You can get the supplies at your local craft store. ***Just to clarify, the plan is to wear the bracelets around the house, not actually to school. Especially the address bracelet.***

We have also been singing our phone number. I pulled out the oldest cassette tape you have ever seen tonight. "The Safety Kids." Did you ever listen to them? My brother and I used to sing The Safety Kids songs for hours. Sad to admit, but I can still sing all of them. 

They have the perfect phone number song. I found it on YouTube for you. Sound familiar?
The start of the school year can be a big adjustment. Make it easier by settling into your routine early.


  1. Oh, my gosh! I didn't know anyone else knew about the safety kids. I think I still have one of their cassette tapes somewhere.

    Go for a natural high, people!

  2. I get the whole going to bed at an early hour thing... I long for Asher and Abbie to go to bed earlier. The thing I struggle with is that Asher refuses to take a nap earlier in the day. He will be asleep when I get home from work at 5. If we don't get him to take a nap, he gets cranky and naughty. If we let him sleep like he is going to bed he wakes up at midnight for everything. It feels like a lose lose situation. Between my two kids, I have got a complete nights sleep once in four months. Help! I have tried to implement the earlier bedtime, but if Asher won't go to sleep, his antics then wake Abbie up. What to do, what to do?

  3. To Amanda Joy.. I'm going on 6 years without a complete sleep :) Good times.
    We started this week with the earlier bedtime. So far it's going good. And we've done the school thing throughout the summer. But I'll have to kick it up a gear.
    Do they wear the bracelets? or just make them? I'm nervous about putting our address on everything. It's good if they are lost, but I'm worried it can also be a bad thing. Maybe I'm paranoid.

  4. Hi Heather, I love the bracelet idea! (Memory wire bracelets are so much fun to make.) I don't know, though, about including the address. That could be a case of too much information (not for your kids, but for someone else). I'm not familiar with the Safety Kids song (after my time, perhaps? I was memorizing my phone number during the Cuban Missile Crisis.) But... I still remember that childhood home number, so whatever was used to help me learn it worked well!

  5. Great tips. Very, very useful.

    Although I wouldn't put so much information in a bracelets. Unfortunately it is not safe to do that here in Brazil

  6. The "get your kids to bed on time" thing is finally sinking in for me. Tonight both my daughters were in bed at 8, and I know they (and I) will be better rested tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep it up! Thanks!


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