Everything you need for this game is right at your finger tips.... and it is a great way for families to work on strengthen their senses...and it is challenging for adults and kids alike...and, JUST KIDDING.


Anyone pillowcase will do. We like to use one that is a little darker in color or has a print on it so that you can't see through it. You can also use a brown paper bag. We like the pillowcase because it isn't as loud


Fill the pillowcase with various items you have around your home. Anything will work. 7 items is a pretty good number. If you are playing with older kids then they can handle more. 

One person reaches into the bag and gets about a minute to feel what is in there. When they are finished, that person writes down what they think is in the bag. If it is a child who is too small to write. Have them whisper what is in the bag and write it down for them. Or they can draw pictures. Keep your answers secret. 

Move on to the next person and have them reach into the bag, then write down their answers. 

After everyone has had a chance to explore the items and write down their guesses, reveal what is in the bag.

The person with the most correct guesses wins. 

The best part about this game is that you can structure it so it is perfect for your family and the ages of your children.

***You can set up a beginner, intermediate and expert pillowcase.

In the beginner, we put toys that our 2 year old understands. Instead of having her reach in without looking, she gets to reach in, pull out the items, and then tell us what they are. I like to fill her bag with animals, and shapes. We also fill hers with colored objects and she tells us the color. It is a really fun learning tool. It is also good because it teaches her to take turns.

The intermediate pillowcase can be filled with objects that have simple shapes and are more common. Expert is filled with tricky, non obvious items. 

***I send our kids to round up the items. Then they have to guess what is in each other's bags.

***Fill them with themed items. Things you can eat, shapes, holiday related, things you play with, things that are cold, objects that belong to mom, candy (which we just did after Halloween, etc.). Anything goes.

***You can also race. If you have doubles of the objects, set up two bags and have family members race. See who can identify the most correctly, the fastest. 

I hope you and your families are enjoying the fall weather and the wonderful feelings that come during this time of year. Hard to believe it is November. 


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