FAMILY FUN FRIDAY-Don't Show Your Teeth!

OBJECTIVE: Be the last one in the game who hasn't shown their teeth.

MATERIALS: None needed


You have to play the entire game without showing your teeth. If, at any point throughout the game, you show your teeth (even if it's not your turn) YOU ARE OUT. 

Have everyone sit in a circle.

Each player chooses a different fruit. 
They will keep the same fruit throughout the whole game. 

Go around the circle and tell everyone what fruit you selected. Go around once or twice to get familiar with the fruits people have chosen.

Choose someone to start the game. 
The first person states the name of their fruit TWICE and then "passes" it to another person by saying the name of that person's fruit TWICE.
For example: If I am "apple" and my husband is "banana." I would say "apple apple, banana banana." 

The person that just got called "receives" it by saying the name of their fruit TWICE. They are now in charge and must say someone else's fruit TWICE to pass it along. The same process is repeated over and over until there is a winner. 
For example: Once I said "banana banana" to my husband, he would then say "banana banana" (to receive, and then another fruit twice to pass) "grape grape."

Continue to play and pass the "fruit" until someone shows their teeth. When they do, they are out. Shrink your circle and keep playing until there is only one person left who hasn't shown their teeth. 

Try to make people laugh to show their teeth. You can do that by saying your fruit in a weird voice, making a funny face, etc. You just can't physically touch the other players. 

You can also play that, If players hesitate to "pass the fruit" or they are not paying attention and forget what fruit they are and hesitate, they are out. 

You cannot cover your mouth with your hand, or anything else for that matter.  

Change the subject. Instead of doing fruit, choose something like names of cities, candy bars, etc. If you are playing with small children, pick a subject that best suits them. This is a great way to reinforce what you are teaching them already. Use shapes and colors. 

Fruits are still the funniest. 
And children know fruits so it is not hard for them to play and remember what their fruit is. 

Have a great weekend.
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