Toys for the Terrific Two's

A few weeks ago we talked about how contrary to popular belief, the Two's can be Terrific.

We have a two year old in our house right now. She is busy and curious and expressive. She loves to be independent and watches EVERYTHING her older brother and sister do. She finds so much joy and excitement in her accomplishments. She always wants to be learning and doing and trying.

That said, Entertaining a two year old can be a challenge.

Our focus for our two year olds should be on providing activities that help kids learn about what grown-ups do. Like, housekeeping, cleaning, work, play, caring for children, yard work, laundry etc.

Activities that teach kids how things work like numbers, shapes, patterns, buttons, zippers, dials and knobs, and cause and effect.

Don't forget about the activities that foster creativity. Arts and Crafts, music, and dress up.

Here is a list of some of the best toys for your two year old. 

Dolls-especially dolls that can be fed, bathed and diapered. Stay away from dolls that need excessive wardrobe changes. Two year olds don't quite have the coordination to dress and undress.

Toddler tape player or music player

Spools and Beads to String-you can find these at your local craft store.

Lacing Boards-You can make your own. Take some heavy cardboard and punch holes in patterns. Have your toddler sting a shoelace through the holes.

Trains, trucks, cars and airplanes-don't consider them boy toys, let girls play with them also.

A "balance beam"- simply place a narrow board on the ground. Let your toddler practice walking on the beam to improve their balance and confidence.

A mirror.

Musical instruments- Horns, microphones, drums, maracas, shakers, cymbals, tambourines, small horns and whistles. Anything that makes noise will work. You can even make your own. Fill a paper cup with beans and tape another paper cup on top. Start shaking.

Toys for the water- Be sure you have some that float, squirt, pour, and can be filled with water. Alphabets that stick to the wall in the tub are really fun also.

Finger puppets- Great for imagination.

Alphabet blocks and magnetic letters

Abacus- we gave our two year old this one for Christmas. She loves it.

Wooden puzzles

Dress up clothes- These don't have to be elaborate or store bought. Scarves, bandannas, aprons, old shirts, different hats, bags, tutus, necklaces, as well as random objects sitting around the house.

Books Books and more Books- Board books are perfect for this age. They like to carry books around, and are learning to be soft with the pages. Give them their own book bag and Read to them, and encourage them to sit and read.

Arts and Crafts- Clay (which I prefer to play dough), crayons, colored paper, colored pencils, paints and paint brushes, feathers, pompoms, scraps of ribbon and fabric, and stickers.
Our two year old loves glue sticks. She is very careful with them and I have to supervise, but she loves to take a piece of paper and "stick" smaller pieces of paper on top of it. She calls them her "homework." This little activity saved us in church today.

Building blocks- Wooden blocks, and Duplo's are our favorite. Be sure the blocks are large enough that they won't chock. Build a small structure and have your child try to build the same structure. They will learn hand eye coordination, colors, patience, just to name a few.

Shape Sorting Toys- Here are a few choices. 1, 2, 3

Climbing toys- two year olds love to climb. If you don't want them on your furniture and counters, it is important to not only teach them where to climb, but give them appropriate places to test their physical strength. Take them to local playgrounds if you don't have a small play set in your back yard. The fresh air will be good for everyone. If you are still living in cold, look for indoor play structures. Most cities have some sort of indoor option.



  1. THANK YOU. My two year old has been anything but terrific this week. I needed some ideas to refresh our routine!

    {SITS sent me over...}

  2. Great ideas. My 2 year old loves cars, trucks, balls and books. That's basically the most important things right now.

  3. Carrie, so glad to hear that there are some ideas that will help. I hope your week gets better. :)

  4. Andrea, sounds like a two year old. Our daughter loves those same things. She has been hauling around an oversized bouncy ball for the last three days. She even asks to sleep with it.

  5. Great blog! This post in particular has some helpful information for my daughter's upcoming terrific two's!


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