I am really excited to introduce you to the newest Family Volley Sponsor. 
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Kimber Nelson is the woman behind Soul Spark Coaching. She is also a single mother of a fantastic teenage son. She has dedicated herself to helping adults work through everything from career choices, weight loss, finances, relationships, as well as spirituality and happiness. 
Her goal, to help you live a more fulfilled life. 

Have you ever heard of Life Coaching?

Let's let Kimber tell us what a life coach is, in her own words.

ADHD Life Coaching- What is it?
“I am an ADHD Life Coach.” The response when I utter this phrase is always fascinating - most often I am met with a quizzical look, followed by the “What is that?” and “Why did you get into that?” questions. These responses are completely understandable, since ADHD Coaching has just recently started to receive more media acknowledgement and renown. However, I do always find it challenging to fully convey the incredible impact coaching can have in the short bullet point response that most people are looking for. Life coaching is one of those things that is never truly understood until personally experienced with a great coach.  Nonetheless, I will do my best to summarize it as much as possible onto paper in return for a small amount of your time.

Let me answer the WHY question first, as it comes down to a simple answer. Many of the most amazing people that I know have ADHD, and they open up my world with their creativity and passion. Coaching supports them in reducing their unique struggles and allows them to show their true, amazing selves on a more consistent basis. I can think of nothing that is more valuable than that.
Now on to the WHAT question, ADHD Life Coaching mixes the values of all Life Coaching with the additional awareness of how ADHD is affecting you and teaching effective coping strategies. A coach will help you identify the changes you want to make in your life, and will support you in building realistic plans that align your actions with your intentions. You can create lasting changes when you are open to learning new things, and can go where you previously thought impossible, by facing your fears and taking action.
You can create structure out of chaos, simplify your life with time management and organizational skills, and utilize your strengths to reduce your challenges. Not sure what your strengths are? Not to worry, we will discover them together.
To some, this may sound a bit like therapy so I want to share one of my favorite metaphors;

A psychiatrist is an engine rebuild specialist,

A psychologist/therapist is a tune up specialist,

And a coach is a driving instructor.

 As you can see, each of these can be very valuable at certain times in life. If you are at a time where you know there is more to life and more to you, coaching is a great option to explore.

Kimber is offering: 

You Heard Right.

This is an unbelievable opportunity. You can talk about anything and everything you want.

REQUIRED ENTRY: Leave a comment on this post. Any comment. If you are feeling really brave, tell me what you would talk about with a Life Coach. If you can narrow it down to one thing. :) 

EXTRA ENTRIES: Today, every extra entry is worth 2. WaHoo. (Leave a separate comment for each entry.)
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 In addition, Kimber is also offering a 20% discount to the first 5 people who email her the word ACTION.

Want to attend a FREE Life Coaching Seminar? 
Kimber has partnered with the Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center to offer free Introduction to ADHD Coaching seminars. Go to her website to find out more details and register.

Kimber loves art galleries and going to any and all performance and sporting events. In her spare time she likes nothing better than a new book- her bookcase is currently surrounded by piles of books waiting for her to break down and get another! She is also a certified Professional Life Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and as an ADHD Life Coach through Jodi Sleeper-Triplett (JST Coaching).  She is a member of CHADD, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) and the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA). Kimber works with Parents, Adults, Teens and College Students with ADHD who are looking to live a less stressful, more balanced life. 


  1. I could use a more fulfilled life. So many options to talk about. Maybe career. Or even better how to have no career :) and only be a SAHM.

  2. This would be great. I'd love to talk about how to cope with the "geekiness" of my career

  3. i want to clean out and organize my house. maybe she could help me let go of my high school clothes. :)

  4. I think I would want to talk about balancing all the different aspects of my life right now. I am wearing a lot of different hats, and am not as fulfilled in any of those roles as I used to be. This is a great give away, Heather!

  5. I like her on facebook number 2. Can you tell I really want this one? :)

  6. Oh wow--I guess if I had to choose--and it would be hard to choose=I would go with what to do first--fix my marriage? fix my weight? fix my kids weight? fix my anger at my husband that i direct to my kids?

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